Samsung Outs SmartThings App For Galaxy S9 – MWC 2018


Major OEM Samsung is not only announcing the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus today, but also a new version of the dedicated SmartThings app that will release alongside the new flagships and allow them to act in full capacity as users' IoT hubs. Along with being able to use all the features of the previous versions of SmartThings, the new app will allow Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus users to take advantage of a few new exclusive features. Owners of Samsung's newest flagships will find that they can not only control and get information from every SmartThings-enabled device in their home, they can also link their phone to some SmartThings-enabled objects to do things like cast directly to a FamilyHub Fridge's display, or send pictures directly to friends' TV sets. The new version of the app will be available for all when the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus launch in March, but most of the new features will only be available to owners of Samsung's two newest flagship phones.

Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus owners will be able to use the newest version of the SmartThings app to view the status of and issue commands to every SmartThings-compatible device in their home. This means that they can control TVs, schedule and control appliances, and and even check out what's in the fridge straight from their phones. All of these features can work over Wi-Fi or a mobile connection, so if you live alone or nobody's home, you'll still be able to check whether you need eggs or lettuce while you're actually standing in the grocery store. You'll also be able to control what's on TV for your kids while you're at work, and send pictures and video directly to your own SmartThings-enabled TVs, or a friend's or loved one's devices, so long as they accept the request to send media.

Integration with SmartThings-enabled TVs is taken just a bit further. Users can send logins and apps to their TVs, essentially letting them use their phones on the big screen and see an overview of pertinent information as soon as they turn on their TV. Any other personalization options linked to their Samsung accounts will also be on board, since that's the conduit for linking together all of a user's SmartThings-enabled appliances and devices.


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