Reply Beta Android App Available To Download

Smart Reply Beta AH

The developers at Area 120 are diligently working to create a smart reply feature that works across nearly all popular messaging apps and a beta version has now been uploaded for use on Android devices. The app works at a system-level to provide quick replies – similar to those found in Allo or Gmail – from the notification bar and for messaging or chat apps effectively across the gamut. That, of course, adds a considerable amount of convenience but its functionality does not stop there. It bears mention that this is not a fully fleshed out app yet and there’s no word as to when it will be completed or whether it will be released to Google Play or embedded as a future OS feature for Android. What’s more, users will have to download the beta from a mirror to try it out. That will require enabling downloads from secondary sources to accomplish and it’s important to remember to turn the setting back off afterward for security reasons.

With that said, for those who often use smart reply features and who with those were available for every messaging app, Reply is bound to be useful. In addition to being customized over time with more accurate responses based on how a user would typically respond, it has several more direct custom adjustments that can be made. For example, in the app’s settings, users can set Reply to auto-respond in certain circumstances – such as while driving or when a user is on vacation. That will let friends and family know that a user isn’t responding because they’re busy for whatever reason. Meanwhile, if Reply detects that a message might be urgent, it will reply to the sender to ask them if it is, offering to bypass silent mode for the message if it is urgent. Users, on the other hand, can set work and home locations to further enhance those capabilities. Finally, the user also has complete control over which applications Reply works and interacts with.

While an official and finalized version of Reply may or may not ever make its way out of beta, the test version is already very feature-rich. It also doesn’t appear to be too glitchy- although some additional features are still not available. Anybody interested in checking it out can hit the button below for the APK.

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