Qualcomm Announces $1 Billion In IoT FY17 Sales – MWC 2018

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Qualcomm has taken the opportunity at MWC 2018 to not only highlight its commitment to the Internet of Things (IoT) but also how its commitment is translating to a fueling of development within IoT. With the company drawing on a number of high-profile brands and their adoption of Qualcomm technologies as further evidence of this. In fact, Qualcomm made the point that its “highly differentiated chipset products, reference designs and more than 30 purpose-built platforms” are not only facilitating IoT adoption and development, but are making it as easy as possible for brands to enter the IoT space.

As part of the announcement Qualcomm also highlighted how the company’s IoT revenues for fiscal 2017 exceeded $1 billion: building on the announcement Qualcomm made back in May of last year when the company then detailed how it was shipping more than one million IoT chips each day and how those chips had already been included in more than 1.5 billion shipped IoT products. In its latest announcement Qualcomm also pointed out this is simply the start of things to come with the company anticipating the IoT and security sectors combined to be worth as much as $43 billion in 2020. All of this, Qualcomm argues, further reiterates the level of innovation and market-leading position it adopts in the IoT and related spaces. With the company further drawing on areas such as automation, cameras, home control, home entertainment, wearables, and robotics, as areas where its technologies are resulting in cost-effective and quick-to-market solutions for its various partners. Speaking of which, the Qualcomm announcement came with a number of testimonials further attesting to the importance of partnering with Qualcomm in these sectors, including comments from the likes of Cisco Meraki, Honeywell, Fossil Group, GoPro, Sonim Technologies, and Whirlpool Corporation.


While highlighting what the company has done and contributed up until now, Qualcomm also confirmed that during MWC 2018 it will be demonstration and further explaining its contribution to the other side of the IoT revolution, 5G. With the company looking to detail how it is helping the industry to pave the way for 5G development and deployment, and in multiple directions. Including, but not limited to, smartphones, smart home, and connected cars, and at all levels, including OEM, developer, and consumer tiers.