Some Pixel 2 Buyers Still Waiting For Free Google Home Mini


It appears as though Google is having some issues fulfilling a promotional offer that was announced alongside the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL handsets last year. Namely, users are reportedly still waiting to receive an email that would allow them to pick up one of the search giant's Google Home Mini devices at no cost. Some users claim to have been waiting for upwards of ten weeks and it doesn't appear to be an isolated problem, either. Google's answers to users who have inquired about their promotional item have reportedly been comprised of relatively vague responses. The company has told users reporting the problem that it is looking into the matter and subsequent requests for information have resulted in statements indicating that the issue is still "being investigated."

With that said, it isn't immediately clear what might be causing the hold-up. One possibility may be that at least some users reporting the problem had missed the timeframe for the promotion and simply weren't aware. That could result in the problem seeming larger than it is or may be compounding the problem if Google is handling the inquiries on a case-by-case basis. However, this also isn't the first issue Google has had recently with its online systems used for buying the handsets or with the Pixel 2 devices themselves. So it may be that a bad line of code or two in either the e-commerce system or the e-mail platform associated with the promo codes is causing a hiccup somewhere. Pinning down the probable scale of the issue is made more difficult by other users who claim to have found the promo code in an email that had been swept up by spam filters.

Yet another group has claimed that they received their own code within days of contacting Google. So it's not unthinkable to imagine that at least some users who have reported the issue simply neglected to check their email's spam or junk folders. Until the company comes forward with more information, solves the issue, or responds to customer requests in more detail, it appears as though the problem is only going to get more convoluted.

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