OnePlus' Product Manager Trolls Xiaomi To Make A Point

Szymon Kopeć, a product manager at smartphone manufacturer OnePlus, has apparently taken to Twitter to take a light-hearted jab at competing OEM Xiaomi in the form of a poll. Kopeć's poll asks Twitter whether they prefer the company's own variation of Android - namely, OxygenOS - or pure Android. For context, Xiaomi recently posted its own poll on the platform, asking whether its followers prefer its own MIUI Android overlay or the more pure Android One. However, that poll didn't go very well for the Chinese handset maker and it eventually chose to remove the post from Twitter completely. Whether that just wasn't the response the PR team behind the poll has expected or there was some other reason for the post coming down remains unclear.

In the meantime, for now, Kopeć's poll shows 57-percent of responding Twitter users prefer pure Android OS to OnePlus's Android Skin. That's particularly ironic since it actually matches the very numbers recorded at the last count of Xiaomi's poll. Perhaps to add just a bit more sting to his point, the OxygenOS survey is also still up and running for at least a couple more hours at the time of this writing. Kopeć also seems to have no intention of taking it down.

Of course, it isn't unusual for companies or their executives to poke and stab at each other in good-natured competition. So Kopeć most likely isn't trying to elicit any kind of overtly negative response for the Chinese tech giant or to say that Xiaomi is necessarily a bad company. In fact, when asked on the thread whether he's trying to "pull a Xiaomi" the product manager responds by saying it's a "pure" coincidence. Trolling aside, if nothing else, that seems to be his whole purpose with the poll. The survey shows that Xiaomi's numbers weren't far off from the average opinion associated with aftermarket variants of the highly popular mobile operating system. It may just be that Xiaomi took itself a bit too seriously when the reality is that it has a very popular range of devices and its MIUI interface is often emulated by Android users when they customize their handsets.


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