OnePlus Literally Smashes Rival Phones Promoting 5T: Video

OnePlus 5T Speed Test Promo Screenshot

OnePlus 5T has apparently outpaced some of the world’s most high-end smartphones as part of a new YouTube ad depicting a challenge meant to test the real-world performance of individual devices. The video from OnePlus seen below depicts the OnePlus 5T going against the iPhone X, iPhone 8, Galaxy S8, and the Galaxy Note 8 in a number of challenges, seemingly beating its competitors across all segments and prompting the moderator to literally slam the losing devices into the ground which led to some curious reactions from their owners.

In the first challenge, a OnePlus 5T user seemingly beat the users of the competing devices in terms of unlocking their respective handsets. It’s perhaps important to note that the feature being used to unlock the OnePlus 5T for the challenge is none other than its Face Unlock security solution. The OnePlus 5T debuted in November last year along with Face Unlock, a facial recognition solution that leverages the device’s 16-megapixel front camera in order to let users unlock their devices in approximately 0.4 seconds. For the second challenge, the moderator pitted the OnePlus 5T against other handsets in order to determine the one that’s the quickest to take a photo. Apparently, the OnePlus contender took the least amount of time to capture a photo and was equally successful when it came to the race of who’ll be the first to play some music on their smartphone.

OnePlus has traditionally produced some of the fastest devices in the world. Last spring, it managed to ramp up the performance of its offerings with the launch of the OnePlus 5, then built on it with the OnePlus 5T that was unveiled in November. It’s worth pointing out that although OnePlus uses the same Qualcomm-built processor as its rivals, the Chinese original equipment manufacturer has also introduced a host of software optimizations to its flagship that’s responsible for the seemingly faster performance of the OnePlus 5T compared to other handsets. For example, OnePlus uses the dual-channel UFS 2.1 storage to speed up internal memory operations. The presence of between 6GB to 8GB of RAM should also facilitate multitasking on the last two Android-powered devices from the company. The OnePlus 6 is expected to be announced this spring, with recent reports suggesting the firm is preparing for a May launch.