Nokia, Tele2 Agree To Long-Term 5G And IoT Partnership

Nokia Logo AH5

Network giant Nokia has signed a five-year deal with major European telecom Tele2 that will see the two developing and building out a wide range of IoT solutions, including 5G networks and IoT implementations based on 5G. The crux of the agreement, and indeed the centerpiece around which development and deployment will take place, is Nokia’s WING, short for “worldwide IoT network grid.” This long-running Nokia project seeks to spread availability of the company’s IoT and networking solutions on a global scale to make things easier for operators, and networks based on the project are already live in many countries.

As the main part of the deal, Tele2 will have full access to Nokia WING in all of the regions it services. In order to further the interests of both companies, the partners will be putting their resources together in those areas to create new IoT solutions and build them out for full-fledged service. Naturally, this includes 5G networking capabilities. WING is also a managed service through Nokia, which means that Nokia technicians will be on hand to help out with any deployments, and both Tele2 officials and customers of the company worldwide can rely on Nokia for support when it comes to networking applications using WING.

Nokia has been hard at work developing WING into a full-service IoT solution for the global market, and it’s through partnerships like this one that it can use WING to propagate its equipment, generate carrier and consumer mindshare, and in some cases like this one, get extra ideas and manpower for developing WING and solutions related to it. Nokia has been working on 4.9G, IoT, and 5G solutions across the globe with a wide range of partners from just about every corner of the tech sphere, but co-developmental partnerships like this one are somewhat rare. While Nokia’s announcement did not provide many details on how the whole arrangement will work on the development end, it is to be assumed that the two companies will be collaborating directly and that development, testing, and eventual deployment will all happen with Nokia’s own equipment, so 5G tech will likely be added to WING as it’s developed.