Nokia Commits Most Future Smartphones To Android One – MWC 2018

Nokia 6 AH NS 32 neon 1

Nokia is committing most future smartphones to Android One according to the company, which just announced the changes for its smartphone lineups going forward at Mobile World Congress 2018 during its press conference. Worth noting is that it will have some phones that will be part of the Android Go program as well, but save for these devices, such as the Nokia 1, everything else will be Android One-based.

Nokia was already putting forth the effort to keep its devices updated to the newest software that Android had available and it’s been doing well with the goal so far, but with the commitment to make all its future smartphones either part of the Android One program or the Android Go program, it’ll be ensuring that all its phones will have updates well ahead of many other devices, as Google pushes the latest updates to phones that are Android One devices almost as quickly as it pushes out the software to its Pixel line, and at this point Android Go phones already come with Oreo. Therein lies the benefit of this change, as Google will be the one pushing out the new updated software now, and not Nokia like it is with its current devices.

While Nokia is committing all its future phones to either Android One or Android Go, these are just the devices that will release this year and onward, so anything released in 2017 will still have to deal with getting the updates that Nokia pushes out on its own. This means users of these Android devices will get a little slower updates than anything Nokia releases from this point forward but as mentioned, Nokia has been quick with updates on the software thus far, and that shouldn’t be changing just because it’s now dedicated to Android One and Android Go. This also means that any owners of current Nokia Android devices should still be able to expect quick updates to their devices in a pretty timely manner, and still quicker than many other brands. This is a good move for Nokia and HMD Global, and it’ll be a good move from these two companies for consumers.