New Skill Brings Gordon Ramsay's Food Criticisms To Alexa

As Amazon delves further into its food-based interests, developer studios such as Ground Control are taking advantage of that to deliver some comic relief through new Skills for Alexa. One such Alexa Skill from the above-mentioned company is the newly announced Gordon Ramsay skill, which will allow users to ask the famed chef about their culinary creations. Of course, the skill isn't necessarily aimed at actually critiquing a dish. Instead, Ground Control's latest creation strives to bring Ramsay's often brash slew of criticism and insults to any kitchen where Alexa is present. For example, users can ask Ramsay what he thinks of their "dish" to elicit a response or they can ask about more specific food - like nachos or waffles - for even more responses. As with the chef's television series' the more offensive words appear to be censored.

Getting started with the new Alexa Skill is just about as straightforward as it could be. Users with an Alexa-enabled device simply need to ask the A.I.-driven assistant to "Enable Gordon Ramsay." After that, it's as easy as asking Alexa to ask Gordon Ramsay to critique your spinach dip or ask Gordon Ramsay to review your casserole. Aside from critiquing or reviewing, other key phrases can include asking Ramsay to taste a certain dish, what he thinks of a certain dish, or just simply ask about a given dish. Ground Control hasn't provided an exhaustive list of the possibilities and that makes sense. There's a lot of food in the world and a lot of different ways to ask about it, so it's probably best to just experiment with this new novelty Alexa Skill.

It bears repeating, of course, that this is not going to give Alexa owners access to realistic valuation for their cooking, baking, or sandwich-making prowess. As with many of Ground Control's other inventions, it's only intended to be used by aspiring chefs and non-chefs alike as a way to have a bit of fun with Amazon's assistant platform. While it definitely isn't going to be the most useful thing any Alexa user has ever enabled, it at least shows that Gordon Ramsay has a healthy sense of humor.

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