MyLiFi Lamp Gets Google Assistant Support, Future Unclear


Oledcomm, the creator of the MyLiFi prototype lamp that can transmit data using LED light is adding a new feature to its project in development in the form of Google Assistant support that will allow users to control certain aspects of the lamp using their voices. The MyLiFi lamp was showcased in January when it lacked voice controls, and at the moment, the project is being crowdfunded via Kickstarter where it has eleven more days to go before it meets its deadline. The addition of what the company refers to as a “chatbot” may help the project to meet its goal, as it doesn’t seem to have gained a lot of traction despite its extensive media coverage following CES 2018.

The MyLiFi desk lamp is an unusual product in that it was designed to offer connectivity between devices through LiFi, a light-based technology that allows for the transmission of data between devices using LEDs, specifically by modulating the light signals from an LED source. The light transmitted by the LED-based desk lamp can be converted into data by a dongle connected to a computer via USB, and the device is capable of securely transmitting data at a rate of 23Mb/s. Originally, the MyLiFi desk lamp could only be controlled through a dedicated smartphone application or via a web app, however, the startup has now announced the implementation of voice-recognition capabilities with Google’s solutions, though the chatbot will also reportedly receive support for Amazon Alexa and Facebook “soon.” As expected, with the addition of the chatbot, users will be able to turn the lamp on or off, set the desired color temperature ranging from cool white to hot orange, changing the light intensity, as well as setting a sleep-wake schedule for the device. Alternatively, the same chatbot can also be used for issuing commands via text.

The MyLiFi desk lamp project can be funded through Kickstarter and as of this writing, the product amassed a little over $13,300, with its goal still being set at $61,560. The device does come at a cost as it’s planned to launch for €899, but early backers willing to pledge €699 will receive a 22-percent discount. The product should be compatible with Windows laptops and tablets, as well as Macbooks, and is estimated to start shipping this July should it successfully complete its crowdfunding campaign.

MyLiFi Kickstarter Campaign