Motorola Study Finds Global "Phone-Life Balance" Problematic


Major OEM Motorola conducted a study with independent research firm Ipsos that showed many people's "phone-life balance" is severely skewed in the wrong direction. It's widely believed that smartphone addiction can get in the way of living the life that's in front of you, and Motorola partnered with Ipsos to make the behaviors that make up that addiction a bit more defined and put some numbers to them. On top of that, Motorola has partnered with phone addiction breaking app SPACE to help its users and even created a simple quiz that can help to gauge a user's own phone-life balance. The quiz can be accessed by referring to the source link below. Naturally, employees on Motorola's payroll are also helped in the pursuit of ideal phone-life balance.

A smartphone is a great companion to a full life but handset misuse can and often does become a serious problem. In Motorola's study, 33-pe of respondents outright admitted that they prioritize their phone over people that they want to spend time with. 61-percent of participants even said that they would appreciate help in this area, showing a high degree of self-consciousness. Problematic behaviors like spending too much time on smartphones, checking them impulsively, and winding up emotionally dependent upon having a smartphone on-person at all times were all reported by the study as some of the biggest side effects of a problematic phone-life balance.

Human nature veers toward addiction and smartphones gel nicely with that behavior. They're designed to go everywhere with you, can do just about anything, and open you up to a whole world's worth of information and digital content. It could certainly be called one of the less harmful and more natural things out there that you can become addicted to, but all the same, that addiciton has caused serious problems for many people. On a public scale, the texting and driving epidemic and the fact that there are numerous articles out there covering etiquette concerning phone use in various scenarios all speak volumes. Motorola and some other firms are now trying to identify ways in which to help fight such issues, with the newly released study being presented as the first step in the Lenovo-owned company's efforts to do so.

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