Motorola Rumored To Have New Stereo Speaker Mod Coming

AH Moto Stereo Speaker Mod

Motorola is rumored to have a new Moto Mod coming in the future that will allow users to add on some extra audio to their devices. Said to be called the Stereo Speaker Mod officially, this new mod will be a first-party accessory, meaning it will be built by Motorola and released as part of the company’s own line of accessories, not too unlike the Moto Style Shells.

The Moto Stereo Speaker Mod will come with a nifty little pop-out ring on the back that acts as a kickstand, and it will be available in three different colors when released which are Blue, Red, and Black, all of which you can see in the image above. It’s unclear what the specs of the mod may be, but considering this will essentially be in direct competition with the JBL SoundBoost 2 speaker mod, it will likely have some of the same aspects in addition to the kickstand, such as a splashproof design and good audio quality. As far as the battery size and how long the battery on the speaker mod will last, that is still unknown but it’s unlikely that it would be too far off from what JBL is offering.

There’s no word on a release date or pricing yet either, but it is worth considering that the JBL SoundBoost 2 is only $80 at retail, and it’s possible that Motorola will be looking to charge the same amount for the Stereo Speaker Mod, though it’s also possible it could be more or less when launched. Though no compatibility was specified, all the current and previous Moto Mods are compatible with all of the Moto Z and second-generation Moto Z series devices, so whether you have the original Moto Z Play or the Moto Z2 Force, or any of the other devices in either family, this new Stereo Speaker Mod should work for them just fine. After it’s officially announced and when it finally launches, Motorola will no doubt be offering the Stereo Speaker Mod in its own online store, but it may end up being available through other online retailers as well at some point.