Magic Leap's Job Listing Hints At Mixed Reality Retail Plans

Magic Leap One 3

Mixed reality startup Magic Leap appears to have plans for the retail segment, according to a recent update to its list of job postings, which now includes the role of Director of Store Design. The job description is pretty straightforward and confirms Magic Leap’s intention to retail or at least demonstrate its products in physical stores, as the company is looking for someone who would be capable of creating “new store concepts” while being involved in project and vendor management. Additionally, the job description reveals that Directors of Store Design will have the responsibility of designing sales event spaces, shop-in-shop concepts, and pop-up stores where visitors would be able to experience the firm’s offerings.

As promising as Magic Leap’s mixed reality headset might look, the device is also rumored to carry a price tag of up to $2,000, and there may not be a lot of people willing to bet such a sum on a brand-new product that they have yet to test themselves. Having said that, the ability to showcase what is by most accounts a fairly expensive and untested product to potential customers in actual stores could greatly improve the headset’s chances of commercial success. Similarly, these types of live demonstrations have played a fairly big role in the success of the first generation of VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, both of which have been demonstrated in public on countless occasions and in numerous locations, capturing the attention of both enthusiasts and those unfamiliar with the development of new VR technologies. But as of yet, it’s not entirely clear if Magic Leap intends on opening temporary or permanent retail locations, or where and when these stores could eventually be found.

Magic Leap’s futuristic goggles were unveiled in December as the Magic Leap One, a developer-centric iteration of its upcoming mixed reality headset expected to be made available in limited quantities later this year, possibly around the same time its software development kit will be ready for distribution. These Creator Edition units will likely be made available before the company will unveil anything official regarding its retail plans, though it wouldn’t be inconceivable for at least some temporary pop-up stores to be opened in select locations before that move as a way to boost the product’s market visibility.