LG Confirms "G Series Is Not Dead" – MWC 2018

Lg Logo 2018 AM AH 1

With the announcement of the iterative, LG V30S ThinQ, many have been wondering whether the G-series might be a goner. Well, LG informed us that the G-series is not dead, but it may come back under a different naming scheme. This was reported a few weeks ago by Korean media, but it is nice to hear it come straight from LG, rather than Korean media (and translating through Google Translate, which isn’t always perfect). LG stated that it is still “a few months away from any decisions” on the G-series. So it’s possible that it could see a fall release or even come out at Mobile World Congress next February.

It’s important to keep in mind that, high-end flagships, like a potential LG G7, does take about 18 months to put together and get out the door. So when LG says it is still quite a few months away from a decision on a G6 successor, they are serious. Now that doesn’t mean we’ll even see a LG G7, since LG did leave the door open for using a different name for that line of flagships, so it is very possible that it may drop the “G” for another letter or name altogether. After all, LG has been busy trademarking different names recently.

LG is also going to be banking on interim devices, like the LG V30S ThinQ, in the near future. Instead of releasing a brand new smartphone every year (or in the case of the G and V-series here, every six months), LG may be releasing something new every 18 months to two years. Which is likely a smart thing for LG to do, especially since many users do not upgrade their devices every year, but LG also doesn’t have to wait six to twelve months to put out a new smartphone when it develops some new hardware or software. This is an “experiment” for LG, and only time will tell whether it is a success for the company or not. Now when it comes to the G-series, LG isn’t planning on getting rid of it, so fans of the G-series will be happy to know that, even though they may need to wait a few more months for something new.