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John McAfee is back in the headlines after taking to his official Twitter account to tweet out an announcement for a new business plan he's undertaken. Namely, the once prominent man behind the now Intel-owned McAfee security suite is offering to write White Papers for startup blockchain or cryptocurrency companies. Interestingly enough, McAfee has also opted to forego creating a domain for his new business, saying that domains are "vestigial ornaments of the old order" in response to questions about one. He also went so far as to urge those with domains to abandon them.

Having said that, the only way to get in touch with the new business is via e-mail, as shown in the tweet included below. McAfee says his new venture is interested in companies or startups that are planning an initial coin offering (ICO) – similar to an initial public offering but with cryptocurrencies – but which don't have the "time or talent" to produce the technical documents associated with that type of business. His company, he continues, can help write any part of those documents or the entire thing. That has not, however, been met as kindly as McAfee may have been hoping. Detractors argue that offering these types of service wholesale will taint the entire market since it will invariably lead to scams. It wouldn't necessarily be fair to say that everybody with the technical knowledge required to create a cryptocurrency or blockchain should also have the skillset required to write a cogent White Paper. With that said, this will also almost certainly bring out individuals or groups who simply need the backing in order to get their scam rolling. McAfee, to his credit, says that any and all applicants will be vetted but there are some in that have pointed out his promotion of cryptocurrencies in the past which turned out to be fraudulent in one form or another.

In the meantime, McAfee is being very tight-lipped about costs for his new company's services. His only responses to questions on the matter indicate that pricing is going to be entirely dependent on how much work there is to be done. Beyond that, he hasn't even offered a range or responded to questions about cost structuring from various media outlets, as of this writing. So, for now, it seems as though the only way for anybody who might be interested to find out is going to be to contact the company through the above-mentioned e-mail.


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