Intuitive Smart Shower System "Livin" Showcased In Barcelona - MWC 2018

There's a new entry in the smart home segment at MWC 2018 thanks to a smart shower project called Livin, which was designed and produced by a team from Fitbit and Foxconn. The system is remarkably straightforward and engineered to give users the perfect shower while minimizing water waste. Best of all, it's also designed to be easy to install within fifteen minutes. Moreover, it is designed to be sold at just under $500, which may give it an edge over its competitors. Beyond that, judging by the video that's already available to show off the product, it also very easy to use.

The Livin smart shower system starts with the installation of a new shower head and valve combination that connects to a smartphone for precise temperature controls. It also features smart lighting and music playback to make washing up a bit more enjoyable. Everything can be controlled directly from a smartphone, with separate custom profiles set up for household members or guests. Meanwhile, aside from the primary valve to control water flow and temperature, a second knob also functions as a button for more fine-tuned controls and music management. It allows users to get the water to the appropriate desired temperature in advance and then shuts it off when it's there. Users receive an alert that their shower is ready and the water turns back on at the touch of a button and already at the perfect temperature. But Livin doesn't stop there either. The shower system allows users to easily shut off the flow while soaping up to conserve water while maintaining their desired temperature. It also appears to have a feature that allows users to set a rundown timer to finish off the shower within a set period of time. Once they are done, users get a precise readout of how much water they used, how long they were in the shower for, and what temperatures they showered at. The final portion of that data can help them to alter the settings for an even better experience next time.

Livin started as a Kickstarter project that already surpassed its $100,000 goal, with users still being able to order it at a discount over the following five days. The system can be ordered in exchange for a $299 pledge, whereas the base model will retail for $599 once it's out. Livin is estimating backers will start receiving its smart home invention this October.

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