IDC: Xiaomi The Fastest-Growing Smartphone Brand Out There

Xiaomi Logo October 2016 AH 8

According to IDC’s (International Data Corporation) latest report, Xiaomi is the fastest-growing smartphone manufacturer in the world. Xiaomi did experience increased growth in the last year or so, as the company enjoyed great 2018 in terms of markets share and sales increases, and IDC’s report only confirms that. Not only is Xiaomi the fastest-growing smartphone manufacturer in the world, according to IDC, but this China-based company also managed to return amongst the top five smartphone manufacturers in the world, read on.

IDC reports that Xiaomi managed to grow 96.9 percent, if we compared Q4 2017 with Q4 2016. This info seems to be based on both the company’s market share and shipments, while IDC also released some additional info regarding Xiaomi’s market share and shipments, and the same can be said for top five smartphone manufacturers, so let’s start from the top, shall we. According to IDC, Apple is currently the number one smartphone manufacturer in the world, as it managed to grab 19.2 percent of the market in the fourth quarter of last year, and it shipped 77.3 million handsets in that same period. Samsung is second-place in the provided list, this Korea-based tech giant grabbed 18.4 percent of the market, and shipped 74.1 million smartphones in the last quarter of last year. Huawei is still third-placed, with 41 million shipped units, and 10.2 percent of the market. Xiaomi managed to jump over OPPO, as the company grabbed 7 percent of the market and shipped 28.1 million handsets, which is actually a considerable increase compared to Q4 2016, when the company shipped 14.3 million units and held 3.3 percent of the market in its possession. OPPO is the fifth-placed company on this list, OPPO managed to ship 27.4 million units in Q4 2017, and it managed to grab 6.8 percent of the global smartphone market.

Xiaomi has experienced great success in 2018, so these results aren’t exactly surprising, and one of the main markets for the company is India, where the company managed to trump Samsung and become the number one smartphone manufacturer. According to reports by both Counterpoint Research and Canalys, which were published recently, Xiaomi managed to jump over Samsung, and it also left Lenovo, Vivo, and OPPO behind as well.