Huawei Unveils Platform To Help Build Digital Networks – MWC 2018

AH Huawei logo MWC 2018 11

Continuing its march into the market for A.I. driven platforms, Huawei has now revealed a new networking solution based on the utilization of business logic for the creation of digital networks for enterprise use. That’s according to an announcement made by the company in conjunction with MWC 2018 in Barcelona. There are several key aspects to the solution, which Huawei refers to as the Huawei Intent-Driven Network solution. Among those, according to Huawei Network Product Line President Kevin Hu, is a tailor-made high-quality end-user experience that the company feels is central to enabling business success. Furthermore, the company says its Intent-Driven Network solution allows for exceptional security of a given network.

Delving deeper into details Huawei has revealed about its new platform, the company says it is intended to close the gap between physical networking and business goals via the creation of a digital double of an enterprise’s network infrastructure. The Intent-Driven Network solution takes advantage of A.I. and Big Data on that “all-cloud network” to allow scenario-specific automation for proactive business intention identification and end-to-end network configuration. Through predictive analysis, the solutions can optimize a network configuration more proactively based on real-time user experience perception in order to improve the experience across the board. At the same time, the Intent-Driven Network can utilize the same data to provide active defense against ubiquitous attacks on the network. Finally, the company said that its platform can also serve as an industry-oriented open platform due to its extensively customizable nature. To that end, the solution includes open APIs, platform-specific development and programming tools, and a suite of verified industrial applications. The inclusion of APIs and programming tools means that a given business could effectively build out its own, more comprehensive app ecosystem for enterprise use in nearly any industry.

Huawei certainly isn’t alone in its pursuit of A.I. driven solutions, even in the networking sphere. With that said, the company has developed its platforms with a high degree of success and legitimately high quality over a relatively short span of time. That, in combination with its placement near or at the top the networking industry itself, could give the company an edge when it comes to both new platforms like this one and the continued improvement of its other offerings.