Huawei CEO Expects To Overtake Apple Within Two Years – MWC 2018

Huawei Mate 10 Pro AH NS 17 logo

CEO of Huawei, Richard Yu, expects the Chinese company to overtake Apple within the next 24 months. The company is currently preparing the launch of their next flagships devices, the Huawei P20 and P20 Plus, two devices that Richard Yu claims will be “much better” than rival Apple’s iPhone X. Furthermore, speaking about Huawei’s upcoming flagship lineup, Yu also stated that he believes Huawei’s phones are “a lot better” than Apple’s.

That last comment was in reference to the camera’s that both devices will com with. The Huawei P20 Plus is expected to feature a new triple-camera setup that will boast a typical lens, alongside a monochrome sensor and a telephoto one. This was hinted at by the executive, suggesting the new phone would offer up some big and bold camera technology with innovative features. In addition, Yu went on to claim that Huawei’s P20 line will be more competitively priced than Apple’s iPhone X, which currently retails at $999, but there was no mention of whether prices would also be lower than those of Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus. It is worth noting though that the last P series devices were in fact cheaper than the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, so the same is likely to be true this year. In either case, the company is hoping that the advanced camera’s, iPhone-like design, and big focus on AI will be enough to entice consumers across the globe and take them closer to the company’s next goal of overtaking Apple as the world’s second-largest manufacturer. Richard Yu also says he’s pretty optimistic, expecting to leapfrog Apple within “one to two years,” and that sooner or later he expects Huawei to have the most marketshare of all the top smartphone vendors. If Huawei continues to grow and invest in new technologies at its current rate, Yu predicts it may take four or five years to surpass Samsung in marketshare.

In Huawei’s current state, though, the company’s CEO says Huawei is yet to become a “world-famous brand” such as Samsung and Apple, and this is something the company needs to work on in order to become the number one smartphone manufacturer. Richard Yu’s comments come shortly after he previously stated that the smartphone market will eventually only have room for three to four major companies, while many other manufacturers will be forced out of the market altogether, so it appears the CEO envisions a future smartphone market dominated by Huawei.