HTC's January 2018 Revenues Were $116.1M, A 27% Year-Over-Year Decline

HTC Logo 2017 AH 1

HTC has been reporting its revenue on a monthly basis over the past few years, and today, the company announced that it brought in about $116.1 million USD in revenue. Which is equal to $3.4 billion NT. The Taiwanese manufacturer suffered a 15% decline from December 2017, and a 27% decline compared to January 2017. Despite launching the HTC U11 last year, and it being one of the company’s best smartphones in years, it is still having trouble competing in the very saturated smartphone market.

Declining revenue isn’t anything new for HTC. The company has been struggling for the past few years, as its competitors continued to grow and pick up market share. HTC has tried changing up its strategy for different regions, going from launching a ton of different models each year, to just a handful, and even leaving certain models out of big markets like the US. That doesn’t seem to have worked for the company, as it has reported a loss for the past ten quarters, consecutively. However, the deal to send its Pixel development team over to Google last year (closed in January of this year) should help HTC post a profit in this quarter. Though that is only a band aid at this point.

With Mobile World Congress coming up, many would expect HTC to announce a new smartphone at the trade show – since it is only the biggest mobile trade show in the world. But HTC confirmed to us that it is not launching any new smartphones at the show (though it will have a booth, showing off its products, including the new Vive Pro announced at CES last month). Despite images leaking of what is supposedly the HTC U12, recently, it’s unclear when HTC will debut this new flagship device. It’ll likely take place at a separate event later in the Spring. It’s a tactic that many smartphone makers are doing these days, as it is becoming harder and harder to compete with Samsung – who is announcing the Galaxy S9 at Mobile World Congress later this month. With no new smartphones being announced, or being made available, by  HTC this month, its revenues for February may look even bleaker than January did.