Hands-On With The Nokia 8110 - MWC 2018

Nokia is bringing back another iconic phone style with the official announcement of the 8110, which it unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2018. This is a device that many consumers who were around for this age of cell phones may remember. Though some may jokingly refer to the old version of this Nokia cell phone that featured this unique curved design as the "banana phone," Nokia's new style for this particular model coming in Yellow seems to really drive that home.

The Nokia 8110 is a band new feature phone device from the Finnish manufacturer and HMD Global, the company behind Nokia. It keeps the sliding cover design that when closed hides the keypad, but still has an in-view display. Although this is a feature phone and isn't likely going to appeal to those who are used to having apps and the internet at their fingertips, the phone is 4G so it'll be capable of connecting up to cellular networks with faster speeds and more reliable connections for better-quality voice calls.

When it come to what the Nokia 8110 has to offer there is little to appreciate if you want something big, feature-rich, and full of smarts, as the phone will come with a more basic 2-megapixel camera, an FM radio, and a small but manageable color screen with a display size of 2.4-inches. That may not be suitable for anyone using a Galaxy S8 Plus, but for those who are used to a phone without smarts it might just be the perfect setup. Though it won't have the Play Store available as it's not running on Android, it will have Facebook and some other apps that are available to download via its own app store and it will allow for internet connectivity, so it will technically be smart in some ways, and won't be entirely basic in terms of features. That said, consumers shouldn't expect to get the same rich experience from these apps as they would from the smartphone versions of them. If you're feeling nostalgic or you simply want a feature phone that has some extra features to use for times when you don't want to bring your expensive smartphone with you, Nokia's 8110 might be the right device, though it may end up only being available to consumers in Europe.

It might seem like a bit of an odd move in this day and age to release phones like the Nokia 8110, as most phones these days are smartphones with larger screens, access to plenty of apps, and come with every feature under the sun from variable aperture cameras like on the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus to streaming video and streaming music. Nokia look to launch this phone shouldn't be too much of a surprise though, as it announced a different feature phone at Mobile World Congress 2017 with the Nokia 3310. Taking that into consideration, the Nokia 8110 is yet another candybar phone with almost no smart features, focusing on voice calling as the main selling point of the device. Nokia plans to release this phone in May for the European market and it will come in Yellow or Black options.

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