Hands-On: MyKronoz ZeTime & ZeTime Petite - MWC 2018

Smartwatches may have not made as big of a splash this year as they have in past years, but that hasn't stopped brand MyKronoz from showing off a couple of new smartwatches that it has available. Called the MyKronoz ZeTime and MyKronoz ZeTime Petite, both watches are designed to cater specifically to different consumers in the market. As the names suggest the ZeTime will be aimed at those who prefer a smartwatch with a little bit bigger of a display and watch case size, while the ZeTime Petite will be better-suited for anyone who prefers a smaller watch, perhaps consumers who have smaller wrists and don't want the watch to look too big while wearing it.

To be entirely clear, the ZeTime and ZeTime Petite are not completely new watches, as MyKronoz actually announced these two watches officially during CES back in the beginning of this year, but to get more eyes on its new product MyKronoz brought both watches to Mobile World Congress as it afforded them the opportunity to show off the two wearables a little more now that they have just recently hit the market.

While both watches feature a design that is actually quite similar to each other the difference will come in the form of the sizes of the watch cases. The ZeTime watch will feature a watch case size of 44mm while the Petite will be a bit smaller and come in at 39mm. This isn't a huge difference but it will certainly be enough to make the difference in size noticeable. Both watches are fitted with TFT touchscreen displays but are also classified as Hybrid smartwatches, and this is because each watch will have the ability to operate in either a smartwatch mode or a mechanical watch mode, which will serve the purpose of helping to conserve battery life. For instance, the mechanical watch mode will allow for up to 30 days of battery life which means if you aren't particularly interested in getting any smart features out of it, you can extend the battery life by using it as a regular watch. If you use it in smartwatch mode it'll last for about three days before needing to be plugged back in, though this is likely to vary depending on the user and how they use the watch for their own personal tastes.

MyKronoz stated back during CES that both watches would be released by sometime in early 2018, and sure enough both watches have already been released and can be purchased both on the official MyKronoz website as well as on retailers like Amazon. Both the ZeTime and ZeTime Petite will cost $199, so you aren't looking at paying more just to have the watch with the larger case. These watches also work with both Android and iOS, and offer features like an optical heart rate sensor for tracking your heart rate during active workouts or just any time during the day, as well as the ability to track your calories burned, your steps, your distance, and keep track of your sleep quality so you can adjust accordingly if need be. Naturally and like any other smartwatch, it'll also provide you with the ability to receive notifications for messages, emails, apps, and voice calls as they come in to the connected smartphone.

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