GearBest Deal: Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT Smartwatch For $125.24


If you're in the market for a new smartwatch, but you're also a sporty person, well, the Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT smartwatch may actually be just a right choice for you. This smartwatch is currently on sale on GearBest, it's currently available in two color variants, Black with Red and Red with Black, it may sound a bit confusing, but the difference is in strap colors, you'll notice the difference straight away if you take a look at the provided image above. In any case, the Huami AMAZFIT smartwatch can now be purchased for $125.24 on GearBest (20 percent off), in case you are interested.

This is a circular smartwatch, and it's not as big as some other smartwatches out there. The Huami AMAZFIT does not ship with Android Wear, or Android in general, instead, it sports a custom UI which is meant to be simplistic and easy to use. The Huami AMAZFIT smartwatch comes with both a GPS and a heart-rate monitor, so you essentially do not need a smartphone if you're going running or something of the sort, as this gadget can sync everything later on, and it's using its own GPS chip, so it doesn't necessarily needs your smartphone in order to work as it should. This smartwatch can also track your pace, calories, cadence, and so on. The Huami AMAZFIT smartwatch is IP67 certified for water and dust resistance, while it can also let you know when notifications arrive on your smartphone, presuming it's connected to it via a dedicated application.

The Huawei AMAZFIT smartwatch can let you know if someone is calling you, it can also display a calendar, your e-mails, show you the weather, and basically any other type of regular notifications you set it up to display. This smartwatch is compatible with Android 4.4+ and iOS 8.0+, while it comes with a 280mAh non-removable battery. This smartwatch also includes Bluetooth 4.0, 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage. The Huami AMAZFIT smartwatch will provide you with 11 days of basic use, and up to 5 days of regular use, says the company.

Huami AMAZFIT smartwatch (black strap)
Huami AMAZFIT smartwatch (black strap) - $125.24
Huami AMAZFIT smartwatch (red strap)
Huami AMAZFIT smartwatch (red strap) - $125.24