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When it comes to games, Android doesn't have a shortage of options. Quite the opposite, in fact, and no matter what your game tastes are there is bound to be something on the Play Store for you to enjoy. Games like Light A Way, for example, a game which we have recently been spending some time with to check it out, is an easy-to-play Adventure game which takes little time to learn and can provide hours of endless fun. Let's take a closer look at Light A Way and see what all it has to offer and see how it stacks up.

Before you can go any further and enjoy the game, you'll need to head to the Play Store and download Light A Way and install it onto your device.

First and foremost, it's important to note that this is an Adventure game so you will get bits and pieces of a story line to follow, which helps to keep things cohesive and a little more robust than other games in this category. It is an adventure game, but it's also a tap game, meaning most of the gameplay is you tapping the screen to defeat enemies which you come across as you progress through each phase.


As the story begins, you play the role of a little girl (which is also her name in the beginning before you actually give her a name) who happens to run into a Red Fairy, who imbues you with powers through a staff, and you'll need to use that staff and the powers of the fairy to dispatch the Umbras, which are the "Darkness" enemies throughout the game.


As you progress through the game you will gain experience and earn gems with which you can use to level up your character.

Eventually, and pretty early on you will gain the powers of the Green and Blue fairies as well, which help you do more damage to all the Umbras and come in especially handy during the boss fights, which happen after every ten normal Umbras you encounter. You can also level up the fairies to increase their powers in addition to your own.


Each fairy provides a certain number of flare which attributes to how much attack power you have from your spells. As you play and defeat Umbras you will also see how many more you need to kill before you can level up using the acquired gems.


In the tab interface at the bottom you'll find a number of different menus all with varying options to play around with. In the menu shown below, you can see the different spells and perks that you can acquire, what level you need to be before you can unlock them, and how many gems it will cost to do so.

You can also discover and unlock "Runes" which you can align into constellations, which will add more flare to your attacks as you complete them.


You can also upgrade the Staff of Flares, which is the weapon you get in the beginning of the game.


Once you pass stage five you will also unlock the Lumis, which are another creature that you can have by your side to help you unleash more powerful attacks. There are also different types of Lumis, such as the larger Lumi Lantern, or the Seedling and Apple Lumis which all have their own special attributes and benefit you in their own way.

Upon moving beyond stage five you unlock the menu and other options where you'll find things like your game stats, the achievements through Google Play Games, the game's story, and other options.


The further you get you will also gain the ability to bond with your three colored fairies. Doing this is how you will level them up to raise their stats. You can only bond with one every time you collect a fairy bond, but you can bond with all three once you obtain more of the Fairy Bond items.

For even more devastating attacks you can unleash different spells using your light magic, like the one you see below, with six in all to unlock. There are also 30 different Lumis to acquire that together have over 240 different skills. you can also unlock 90 different mystical auras which allow you to customize your character.

When it comes down to it, Light A Way has quite a bit to offer in terms of features and as long as you don't mind the much more casual style of play, then you'll likely fall in love with this game as it is fun and the story is both engaging and kid-friendly. There are in-app purchases though you don't need to actually utilize them to enjoy the game and it doesn't seem to be reliant on them in any way even once you get further.


  • Speed (5/5) – The game installs quickly, and learning to play is fast and simple.
  • Theme (5/5) – Very endearing theme and story to follow.
  • Features (4/5) – A fair amount of features, though gameplay may end up getting a little monotonous for some.
  • Overall (4.5/5) – A well-rounded game that most people will probably enjoy and everyone will be able to learn.


  • Easy to learn how to play
  • Quick installation
  • Endearing (cute) kid-friendly story
  • Casual gameplay so you can pick up and play for as little or as long as you want


  • Gameplay might be a little too casual for some gamers

In the end, Light A Way is a great game worth your time if you enjoy casual mobile games. You can dive into it and be lost in it for an hour if you wish, but it's also just as easy to play for only five minutes at a time. This makes it easy to pick up whenever you want and that has a certain level of appeal if you have a busy lifestyle. It's also free, and IAPs don't seem to be required once you get to later parts of the game. It won't be for everyone, but it's definitely fun and worth a look.

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