Fox Nation Opinion Streaming Service Coming In 2018


Fox News Channel (FNC) has today confirmed it plans to launch a new over-the-top (OTT) streaming service this year, called Fox Nation. At present, the details on the availability of the service are limited with Fox News simply stating it is scheduled to arrive in the final quarter of 2018. With this being a standalone OTT service, a subscription to Fox News will not be needed although consumers will have to pay for access. Fox News has yet to confirm pricing stating these details will "be announced at a later date."

While Fox News positions itself as a news outlet (but not necessarily part of the 'mainstream media'), the early indications are this particular OTT service will be more aimed at curating the news content and angle to serve core viewers. For example, in the press release Fox News repeatedly stresses how this will be a "standalone opinion streaming service" which in itself suggests while it will address "the big issues of the day" it will do so along a particular line. In addition, Fox News specifically mentions this service has been conceived with the channel's "superfans" in mind. Use of language which further suggests a dedicated focus and brand line for content. In either case, the clear suggestion being made here is how this service will be offered alongside Fox News, not as a part of Fox News.

Like the pricing, the finer details on programming are also a little on the vague side at present. However, as this is an opinion-based platform, and one set apart from Fox News, it seems unlikely rolling news coverage will be on offer. With Fox News explaining programming will adopt more of a "deep dive" approach through the use of long-form content. Besides access to main live streaming content, the press release highlights subscribers will gain access to "20 plus years of archival FNC programming," in addition to access to "exclusive events." There is also the likelihood the service will take on more of an interactive angle with Fox New stating a "mainstay of the new platform" will be its ability for subscribers to engage with "popular opinion hosts and personalities" although no specific FNC-related host or personality was mentioned.

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