Exclusive: This Is Verizon's New Budget-Friendly LG Zone 4

AH LG Zone 4

This is Verizon’s new budget-friendly LG Zone 4, the follow up to 2016’s LG Optimus Zone 3 that launched on Verizon back in 2016. The new device will drop the “Optimus” branding and stick with just Zone 4 for the name as LG apparently tries to reinvigorate the line by switching up the label of the device series. So far no details about the LG Zone 4 have surfaced in regards to specifications, pricing, or availability, but the Optimus Zone 3 launched in the middle of January two years ago, so there is a chance that Verizon is getting ready to launch the Zone 4 in the near future.

Also worth mentioning is that the Zone 4 is likely to be available on Verizon prepaid just like its predecessor, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be available to non-prepaid customers as well. Keeping in mind that this is a budget device likely meant for the prepaid consumer on Verizon’s network, specs are probably going to be entry-level, which should also be evident by the design of the device. The Zone 4 looks to feature a plastic build which probably includes the frame and edges, and although it does feature both front-facing and rear-facing cameras, both are more than likely going to be of lower quality with a smaller megapixel count.

The Zone 4 does come with a fingerprint sensor on the back which would be a new addition to this particular device lineup as the last phone in the series didn’t have this feature. The fingerprint sensor is visibly located on the back sitting just under the rear camera and LED flash modules, and one single speaker resides in the bottom left corner on the backside of the device as well, while volume and power buttons appear to be on the left edge of the frame. Based on the image the LG Zone 4 will come in what looks like a Blue color, though it’s possible that Verizon could also offer it in other colors too. That said it’s less likely that this is the case being that this will be a cheap entry-level phone for the carrier and manufacturer. Though it hasn’t been mentioned, the Zone 4 will at least be running on Android Nougat.