Ericsson Deploys First NA Analytics Platform For T-Mobile


Ericsson has now implemented its first ever North America deployment of the Ericsson Expert Analytics platform in partnership with T-Mobile. The deployment stretches across its network covering approximately 72 million T-Mobile subscribers and will allow T-Mobile to monitor its network quality and general performance in real time. That includes Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and Video over LTE used to make calls, as well as rich communication services and mobile broadband. Ericsson says that T-Mobile's primary goal with the deployment is to keep an eye on its already popular VoLTE services in an effort to pinpoint places where the network and services can be strengthened so as to improve the overall user experience of its offerings.

With regard to the Ericsson platform in question, the company says it can identify unique problems in VoLTE connections, as well as narrow down issues that would generally be more difficult to source. Specifically, that includes finding technical problems resulting in garbled voice quality, muting, or one-way audio. Meanwhile, the scale of the process, Ericsson claims, makes it one of the most advanced analytics platforms on the planet. For T-mobile, it will process all of the nationwide VoLTE call and data sessions for errors, resulting in around eight billion records on a daily basis. Those are comprised of data taken from thousands of multi-vendor sources, delivering both real-time and offline information to hundreds of T-Mobile engineers working at key points in the network.

That's already an arguably impressive feat likely to make T-Mobile customers happier in the long term. Moreover, the company has plans to deploy the solution across its entire organization in order to take full advantage of the data pouring in from across its nationwide network. According to T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray, the carrier leads in terms of VoLTE use on its network and around 80-percent of the company's calls are made using the said protocol. Beyond that, the Sweden-based company's services will enable it to actually resolve call issues in real time instead of just seeing them at a later date. Bearing all of that in mind, Ericsson's first North America deployment of the analytics platform will potentially result in some serious improvements across the board.

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