Deal: BlitzWolf BW-FWC3 Wireless Charging Pad For $11.99


If you're in the market for a wireless charging pad, well, we do have an option to show you, as the BlitzWolf BW-FWC3 wireless charging pad is currently on sale, as part of a pre-order promotion. A full name of this wireless charging pad truly is a mouthful, but it's a solid charging pad which is compatible with pretty much every handset which utilizes Qi charging standard. This pad can wirelessly charge your devices using 5W charging max, lower speeds are also supported, of course.

Now, this gadget is currently priced at $11.99 on Banggood, while is regular price point stands at $15.99. Pre-orders for this gadget last until February 14, when the company will start shipping units to those of you who have pre-ordered them. In terms of the design, this gadget basically looks like a hockey puck with BlitzWolf's logo on top. Up front, you will notice an LED light which indicates when the device is charging, and its power port is placed on the back. This is also a rather compact charger, as one of the images in the gallery down below will show you. If you'd like to know its exact dimensions, however, well, it measures 90 x 90 x 11mm. As far as input charging goes, the device supports 5V/2A charging, while its max output is 5V/1A, as already mentioned. The BlitzWolf BV-FWC3 weighs 210 grams, and it comes in a black color only, at least for now. This gadget is also protected against overheating, and it sports short circuit protection as well.

As part of the package, you will get the device itself, a 1.5m microUSB cable which you'll use to power this gadget, a user manual, and a warranty card, as per Banggood's website. Speaking of which, you will get an 18-month warranty on the BlitzWolf BW-FWC3 if you decide to purchase it. That is more or less it, if you'd like to take a closer look at the device, we've included several images in the gallery, while you will find a pre-order link for this device down below.


BlitzWolf BW-FWC3 Wireless Charging Pad
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