Cross-Platform Geometry Puzzler Euclidea Hits Google Play


HORIS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED's cross-platform geometry game Euclidea has finally been ported to Android with version 4.08, bringing mathematics-based puzzles and a wealth of great features to the world's most prolific mobile platform. The title centers around Euclidian Constructions, which are geometric shapes created using only tools such as a straight edge and compass. Of course, the game is not at all intended to only be enjoyed by those who have a deep love for the math. In fact, the Euclidea has over a million downloads and a 4.8-star rating, as of this writing, since it launched on February 14. The puzzles themselves start out very simple in order to teach users the basics of creating the constructions, while more complex puzzles will build on those foundations later on as difficulty ramps up. Meanwhile, the arsenal of tools available to players will grow as gameplay progresses, in order to ensure that they have everything necessary to complete the game. There are ten tools, in total.

Completion of the game is dependent on a players ability to create geometric constructions with the lowest number of moves in order to obtain higher scores and all available stars. Many of those puzzles have multiple solution possibilities, which means players may have to think outside of the box, as well, to complete some challenges. However, the clean interface means that shouldn't be impossible since users can pan and zoom around the play screen and even access an 'Explore' feature for hints on what exactly they need to do to solve a challenge. There are also no fewer than eleven tutorials available. For users who are still having difficulty collecting every star, in-app purchases are available to assist in moving forward to complete all of the game's 127 levels.

Unlike many other games, for anybody interested in brushing up on their geometry and checking Euclidea out for themselves, there are no advertisements and it is completely free to play. The in-app purchases – which range from $0.99 to $14.99 – can also be avoided entirely, as they aren't actually required to progress or beat the game. Beyond that, the game actually links to either a Google or Facebook account in order to save progress in the cloud anytime the player's device has an internet connection. That means users can continue from where they left off regardless of which platform they choose to play on.


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