Chromer 2.0 Changes Name To Lynket Alongside Big Overhaul


A popular unique Android browser application formerly known as Chromer has now been updated to version 2.0 and undergone a massive number of changes, including being renamed to Lynket. For those who may not be familiar, Lynket sets itself apart by being built primarily on Chrome's Custom Tabs protocol. That means it can load AMP pages seamlessly and change tab colors dynamically, as well as being able to split tabs into their own windows in recent apps. The browser will even load up full web pages from links in other applications without overloading available resources and while allowing users to quickly return to the app simply by closing the window. The devs take things a step further by enabling the use of quick-access floating link bubbles, easy-to-read article mode, and more, while also being able to import settings from the most popular web browsers commonly used on Android. It does all of that while being completely free and ad-free. The only in-app purchases are donations options to pay something to the devs.

As for the update, the name change hasn't really been explained. Presumably, the developers behind the app simply wanted to differentiate their own browser from Google's Chrome browser. Whatever the case, the core features of the app itself remain intact but the changelog shows dozens of changes starting with the app's overall design. To begin with, the Lynket icon is now compatible with adaptive icons for Android Oreo and icons in the app itself have had text added to make navigating easier. The search, URL, and navigation tools have all been moved to the bottom of the screen and Android 8.1 users will now see a light-colored navigation bar. A tips screen has been added for new users. Beyond that, options have been added to Article mode – including text resizing and AMOLED theming – which should make it easier to read while browsing. At the same time, additional options will show in the bottom bar while users are in that mode and system UI elements will be dimmed.

In terms of features, the developers have overhauled Tabs to make them easier to see and interact with, in addition to adding settings that can be changed based on the application a link is opened from. Incognito mode has been added and will be usable through in-app links too. Performance has been enhanced with regards to multi-tasking and background loading. Further improvements to the smoothness of the Lynket should be visible thanks to a reduction in the size of its APK package by around 40-percent. Meanwhile, there have been several bug fixes, stability optimizations, and interface changes made to further improve users' experience with the app.


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