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The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are now official with the company confirming the two phones are due to become available to buy from March 16. While these are highly sought-after smartphones, they are also fairly expensive with the most affordable option starting at $719.99. Therefore, if you are planning on placing a pre-order soon it might also be worth considering a case and a screen protector for your new purchase. After all, with a smartphone investment on this scale it is better to be safe than sorry. Caseology is a well-known name in the smartphone industry as the company offers a wide variety of smartphone-related accessories, including protective cases for all the major smartphone brands and models. In fact, Caseology typically offers a number of different cases for each major smartphone release. So this is not just a case of buying one generic case for your smartphone but instead the ability to choose exactly the right case for your smartphone. In terms of the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, Caseology has four new cases for you to now choose from.

Legion Series


Caseology’s Legion Series has proven to be a popular option in the past due to its emphasis on durability by adopting a heavy duty level of protection. For example, the Legion Series was demoed at this year’s CES event and proved capable of protecting a phone without a tempered glass screen protector from a height of sixteen feet. Making this case an ideal option to protect the Galaxy S9 from everyday drops, such as from a table or from waist height. The case itself features a hard PC shell along with a shock-absorbent sleeve and a matte finish for better grip. Resulting in a highly durable case with a slim and tight fit overall.

Caseology’s Legion Series for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus is available to buy in a choice of four colors: Black, Burgundy, Violet, and Midnight Blue.

Galaxy S9 Legion Series Galaxy S9 Plus Legion Series

Parallax Series


The Parallax Series has proven to be one of the company’s best-selling lines which is not surprising when you consider its award-winning design and geometric textured back adds a modern and sleek look to the proceedings. All, of course, while still providing a heightened level of protection. In achieving this greater level of protection the Parallax Series utilizes a TPU sleeve which is further reinforced by a new and improved PC frame and shock-absorbing corners.

Caseology’s Parallax Series for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus is currently available in a choice of colors including Black, Black and Deep Blue, Burgundy, Black and Burgundy – with Navy Blue/Silver, and Pink options set to become available soon.

Galaxy S9 Parallax Series Galaxy S9 Plus Parallax Series

Skyfall Series

The Skyfall Series is another line that has proven to be extremely popular with buyers and it is now available for the Galaxy S9 and the S9 Plus. One of the reasons to consider this case line is the fact that it does not hide your smartphone away. Instead, the Skyfall Series makes use of a transparent design which showcases the phone in all its glory, while still providing a premium level of protection through the inclusion of an acrylic hard cover bolstered by a PC frame with shock-absorbent corners.


Caseology’s near-invisible Skyfall Series for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus is now available in four color options: Black, Blue Coral, Silver, and Violet.

Galaxy S9 Skyfall Series Galaxy S9 Plus Skyfall Series

Vault Series


While also providing a premium level of protection the Vault Series maintains a greater degree of flexibility resulting in a more natural, yet, protected fit. The Vault Series is able to achieve this through the adoption of a one-piece design which is not only incredibly easy to fit, but once fitted, draws on the use of its TPU case and shock-absorbing corners to ensure the Galaxy S9 remains protected at all times. Adding to its appeal is an additional grip which reduces the chance of drops occurring in the first place. Those looking for a stylish, lightweight, but highly durable case will likely want to consider this one – as it does check all the right boxes.

The Caseology Vault Series for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus is available in a choice of two colors, Black and Burgundy.

Galaxy S9 Vault Series Galaxy S9 Plus Vault Series

Tempered Glass Screen Protectors


Protecting your Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus with a case is a smart move, although you also might want to consider picking up a screen protector to ensure the Super AMOLED display is as protected as the rest of the phone. Caseology does offer a screen protector for each model and both make use of tempered glass for greater strength and durability. These have been precision-designed to ensure they are simple to install, while their edge-to-edge fit means the whole of the curved front glass panel is protected. Likewise, these screen protectors are designed to ensure viewing the rich and colorful display, or engaging with the phone through touch, remains unaffected. A 9H rating guarantees the screen protectors are shatterproof and scratch-resistant while the included oleophobic coating protects from fingerprints and water encounters. A must-have for anyone considering picking up the Galaxy S9 or the S9 Plus.

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