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Valentine's Day is drawing near and you're likely in the process of planning something special for your significant other that deserves nothing less. While being a traditional romantic is always appreciated, that term isn't meant to indicate a complete unwillingness to use any kind of technology in order to accelerate your preparations or even make the big day itself that much more memorable. With that in mind, below you'll find the list of the top ten best Android apps capable of contributing to your Valentine's Day which are just a click or tap away from being installed on your smartphone, courtesy of the Google Play Store.

Valentine's Day Photo Frames


Few people will mind a little corny romance on Valentine's Day so if you believe your significant other would appreciate a straightforward, traditional gesture meant to express your affection, you can hardly go wrong with a sentimental photo frame of you two together. That's precisely what the Valentine's Day Photo Frames app will deliver, allowing you to easily have whatever masterpiece you come up with printed or simply send it to your better half via the World Wide Web.

Amazon Shopping


Valentine's Day can hardly go by without real-world gifts, which is where the world's largest online retailer comes into play, providing you with a wide variety of sales and promotions to take advantage of for the special occasion. Regardless of whether you're thinking about buying jewelry, lingerie, or simply ordering some flowers, there's a good chance Amazon will provide you with the best deals out there, so long as it's available in your country.

Yummly Recipes & Shopping List


If you'd like to put in some extra energy into making Valentine's Day special with a home-cooked dinner but are at a loss in regards to what kind of a meal to make, Yummly Recipes & Shopping List will provide you with everything you need in one place, serving as both an inspiration for your romantic dinner and a step-by-step guide to preparing it. The shopping list mentioned by the app's official moniker is also as versatile as they come, whereas the service itself even boasts filters for personalized menus or highly specific food so that you're able to cook up something great regardless of whether your significant other is a vegetarian, vegan, or only eats gluten-free food.

OpenTable: Restaurants Near Me


If cooking isn't one of your strong suits even when you're given extremely specific directions or you simply don't want to spend hours in the kitchen on Valentine's Day, finding a fantastic place for sharing a meal with your loved one can be both simple and affordable, OpenTable promises. One of the world's most popular dining apps boasts a database of some of the most unique, exquisite, and best-rated restaurants and other similar establishments out there, allowing you to easily book a table for two and have a great time regardless of your location.

All About Us


All About Us is the ultimate app for keeping track of your relationship and saving those precious moments with your significant other from a unified mobile hub which comes packed with an anniversary counter, dedicated calendar, and even a global map which you can use to keep a visual history of all romantic trips you've taken. Besides a specialized widget providing quick access to the app's many features, All About Us will also allow you to add your loved one to your personalized digital history of your relationship so that you can quickly share any of your notes or other related files with them, making it an extremely versatile Android tool that will prove its worth on Valentine's Day and many more days to come.

Tom's Love Letters


Likely the silliest app on this list, Tom's Love Letters will allow you to tell your significant other how much you care about them through the mouth of the world-famous Talking Tom who even got a partner for this special edition of the popular Android app. You won't know what you're missing out on until you hear Tom and Angela provide you with relationship advice and help you send a personalized message to your other half, so certainly consider giving this app a try if you want your Valentine's Day card to be both memorable and humorous.



Enjoying a night out on Valentine's Day is more difficult if you have to spend the evening making sure you don't drink one cocktail too many or thinking about the long drive home, so why not have the best of both worlds by having someone else drive you without paying a premium for it? Getting an Uber also doesn't have to mean compromising on any extra luxury; just hail a shiny new Uber Select vehicle and let yourself and your partner enjoy the ride to that romantic destination or relax on the way home without worrying about anything else.

Google Trips

If you want to spend your Valentine's Day abroad or simply share a new experience with your better half within your own borders, planning a trip doesn't have to be a prolonged and exhausting affair, just make sure Google Trips does all the work it can. With the backing of the world's most knowledgeable Internet search engine, this Android app will provide you with everything you need to make and book your travel plans from your smartphone or tablet.


If you prefer a more streamlined approach to travel planning and want to find a romantic cottage or a luxury apartment where you and your significant other can retreat over the weekend so as to make up for the fact you're both working late on Valentine's Day, Airbnb is arguably the best way to do so without breaking the bank. Even if paying a premium for accommodations is your kind of thing or you're not just looking for a place to stay but also want to get you and your partner involved in some unique local activities, Airbnb will offer all of these possibilities in a unified, easy-to-use package.

True Love Quotes 2018

This list started on a corny note but doesn't have to end on one, unless that's your style, as the True Love Quotes 2018 app is the most comprehensive and modern-looking mobile library of excellent quotes for every occasion and type of personality. Regardless of whether your significant other prefers traditionally romantic, cute, or light-hearted gestures, this Android app will deliver everything you need to have their smartphone draw a sincere smile on their face when they look at it after you first message them on Valentine's Day.

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