Best Android Apps — Singles — February 2018


Being single has its advantages which are sometimes easier to see when you're leading such a lifestyle out of your own volition, though with February being all about Valentine's Day, you could be annoyed by virtue of the fact that you'll start noticing everyone around you being all mushy about publicly showboating about their romantic life. As far as social networks are concerned, ignoring such people is now easier than ever but you may need some help in other aspects of your everyday routine. That's where smartphones come into play, with the list below containing what we deem are the very best Android apps for singles on the Google Play Store. While the ten apps are listed in no particular order, the collection itself is meant to be diversified enough to cater to all singles regardless of their age, (lack of a) love life history, and general dating ambitions.



Let's get the obvious out of the way first; if you want to jump back into dating, Tinder may not be the service that helps you find that special someone but it is undeniably the biggest dating app on the planet, hence being a suitable place to start searching for a partner from the comfort of wherever in the world you're located. Swipe right if the profile in front of you piqued your curiosity, swipe left if it didn't, and maximize your chances of getting to meet someone new and potentially special. While the actual process of dating unfortunately isn't so simple, Tinder is by far the most accessible method of getting (back) into the dating scene, allowing you to get your foot through the door without any particular effort.

Breakup Help


If you just recently got out of a relationship and are finding the situation difficult to cope with, the Breakup Help app can provide you with some streamlined support. While it won't magically resolve all of your issues, it will give you some food for thought and hopefully help you move on. Besides a plethora of both general and specific advice, as well as a built-in diary functionality, this Android app also comes with a unique test and challenge meant to help you get through your current situation and track the progress you made in your efforts to do so.



If you're ready to move on or just want to have some fun with friends, Eventbrite will provide you with highly personalized recommendations for local happenings that you're likely to enjoy. Better yet, the comprehensive nature of the app can also make it serve as an extremely capable generator of ideas for dates which is refreshed on a daily basis.

30 Day Fitness Challenge – Workout at Home


This app may be missing a hyphen in its title, but what it's not lacking is a universal and highly effective workout plan meant to be a starting point for getting yourself (back) into shape. Working out isn't meant to be something that you do to find a partner but to make yourself feel healthier and better in overall, so it's a great step toward increasing the quality of your life regardless of whether or not you're planning to remain single for the foreseeable future. Being without a partner is all about having extra autonomy, so make sure you use it in a way that's beneficial to your wellbeing.



If you already tried Tinder and don't feel like it's your cup of tea or aren't satisfied with the results you're getting, Happn is a good alternative that's claiming it's revolutionizing the dating game by not just providing you with suggestions of which strangers to meet but narrowing down its pool of your potential dates to people with whom you've already crossed your paths with or are still doing so. While the location-tracking aspect of the Android service is something that should be managed responsibly, Happn is an interesting counterpoint to conventional dating services that already boasts tens of millions of users around the world and is steadily growing.

Fake Text Message


If you're back in the dating game, chances of finding someone you feel is a good match from the first try are slim. Some dates just won't pan out. Others could go even worse than that, which is always a risk when it comes to dating. For those tricky scenarios that just make you want to run home while making things as least awkward as possible, you can do the adult thing and send yourself a text message from your non-existent sister that's telling you she needs an instant babysitting favor in return for saving your life that one time. Ok, there are probably more adult ways to handle ditching your date but it's good to keep all options open, right?

OkCupid Dating


OkCupid is the only truly global option for a traditional online dating experience that allows you to find out more about people before trying to contact them or responding to their clichéd conversation starters. Despite its primary purpose, OkCupid has been designed as more of a social network with a dating component than a dating network with social elements so even if you aren't interested in meeting someone face-to-face for the time being, you can still make a profile that says as much because there's a solid chance you'll simply stumble upon someone to talk to who may be in a similar situation.

Single Parents Mingle – Dating

Being a single parent is tough. Being a single parent trying to date can be nearly impossible at times, so having a dedicated app for finding individuals like you to either date or simply talk to about your circumstances can be a great help. That's where the appropriately titled Single Parents Mingle comes into play, offering a contemporary Android-based dating experience specifically designed for people with children.

Zen – Relax and Meditations

Regardless of whether you're looking to stay single or not for the time being, not having a partner to rely on can be stressful, especially if you're used to being in a relationship. Zen is an app that will help improve your quality of life regardless of your situation, ultimately making you more relaxed, happier, and consequently more attractive to socialize with. Whether you choose to use the positive force and peace of mind this app can provide you with to meet new people is up to you because the most important thing is that you start feeling (even) better.


Some singles just need to clear their mind and get away from things for a while, especially in the midst of what the society claims is the month of love. Airbnb is an excellent way of doing so without breaking the bank but it can also serve you well if getting luxury accommodations while sparing no expense is what you're going for in order to vent. Some rooms, houses, and apartments advertised through the Android app may even come with free ice cream!