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Whether you're just looking for something new to try or you have to find an app to replace one that just doesn't offer enough features, there are loads of new apps to look into that just might come with the features you need. From simple apps that could be lighter versions of something you already use to apps which will help you stay on top of media, there's generally something for everyone at the rate that apps are released these days. Take a look at the list below and see if any of them capture your attention.

Google Assistant Go

Starting things off with this list is Google Assistant Go, which is no more than a trimmed down version of the original tool but designed for phones with less RAM so it's easier to use with better performance. If you have a device which fits this description and you live in an area where this app is supported, then it's worth grabbing.


PyeongChang 2018 Official App

If you're watching the Winter Olympics,  then you definitely want this app as it will provide a wealth of information about the entire event throughout the time it's going on. There are loads of features to love about this app not the least of which is an event schedule so you don't miss any of the competitions that you'll be interested in.

My Disney Experience


This might be an essential app to install if you plan on going to Disney World anytime in the near future. It lets you plan out the trip and offers everything from wait times for rides and all the attractions to a list of park hours and even a PhotoPass page so you can carry one less thing on you physically.

Plex VR

This app is what you'd expect. It's Plex for the VR platform, specifically the Daydream View or a comparable headset that runs on the Daydream platform. You'll also need the latest version of the Plex Media Server installed and running on your PC, then with this loaded up on the phone you can access all your media to watch in a virtual setting.



There's no doubt that mobile devices have become a huge part of our lives on a day-to-day basis, and for some it's almost too much. Everything is good in moderation, so what Thrive hopes to help you achieve is cut out some of the unnecessary time spent with your technology, in this particular case, the smartphone the app would be installed on. With different modes like Thrive Mode and Super Thrive Mode, you can essentially block all apps from getting alerts or from use, save for whitelisted apps and contacts. Super Thrive Mode even lets you cut everything off until the designated time you set has passed.

KUNI Analog Filters


If you have a thing for vintage and retro-looking photos, then this might be an app worth checking out. It lets you add date stamps to pictures you take, and as the name suggests there are loads of filters you can add to your pictures as well which help add to that effect. It's a fun app to try out if you like playing with your images.

NBC Sports VR

Another app you'll want to install if you're watching the 2018 Winter Olympics, as you'll be able to watch some of the events in virtual reality which will help you feel like you're actually there. This is another app you'll need a Daydream headset for, as well as a compatible phone to put into it.


Messenger Kids

If you have children and you're allowing them to use chat apps to communicate with their friends, Facebook's new Messenger Kids may be the best option as it's geared towards kids specifically, which means it'll have features that are designed to be used by kids, while also giving parents control of the features and how their kids use the app.

The Official BBC Earth Quiz


If you're a fan of the BBC earth programs, this app is perfect for you. It has plenty of questions to test your knowledge of everything surrounding the content, with thousands of questions, and the ability to experience the quizzes either by yourself or with multiple users.

Gmail Go

Rounding out this list is Gmail Go, Google's light version of Gmail for devices with less RAM and which are used in areas with slower internet connections. Similar to Google's other "Go" apps Gmail Go is meant to help things run more smoothly so the app offers better performance and a better overall user experience on devices which don't have as much power thanks to lower-end hardware specs.


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