Best Android Apps — Couples & Relationships — February 2018


With February being the month of love, now would be a good time to reflect on your relationship and think about how you'd be able to strengthen it going forward, not just in regards to making Valentine's Day memorable but making sure that special someone in your life is happy and is making you just as content. While traditional romance is always appreciated, nurturing one doesn't have to mean neglecting the many advantages the technology can provide to you. With that in mind, below you'll find the list of the top ten best Android apps for couples and romance in general that a wide variety of people should find extremely useful, regardless of the current length or stage of their romantic relationship.

The Couple (Days in Love)


The Couple is a comprehensive app for keeping track of your relationship that will remind you of anniversaries and birthdays while being able to make your smartphone all fluffy and cheerful, much like your humble self when you think of that special someone. While primarily targeted at women, this Android service doesn't require you to use its theming capabilities just so that you can access its romantic calendar that's one of the best and most versatile ones on the market. Better yet, it comes packed with a broad range of varied widgets that will suit any home screen.

True Love Quotes 2018


Unlike the vast majority of romantic quote databases found on the Google Play Store, True Love Quotes 2018 isn't all about making corny and cliché statements, though it also features plenty of those if that's your style and/or something your better half would appreciate. Still, the main selling point of this Android app is its vast portfolio of playful and cute quotes, most of which still feel special because they haven't spent the last decade being circulated on every social media network out there. As an added bonus, it features a contemporary-looking and highly intuitive design that makes it a breeze to use even if you're just looking to browse for ideas.

Love Horoscope


Horoscopes shouldn't be taken too seriously but that doesn't mean you must completely ignore their entertainment factor. That's especially true for Code Blenders-developed Love Horoscope that's thorough, refreshed on a daily basis, and offers multiple compact widgets for quickly checking out your and your loved one's romantic forecasts and have a quick laugh about them, especially once all of their generic predictions "magically" end up coming true. If you're looking for some innocent, relationship-related fun, an app like Love Horoscope is certainly worth checking out.

Love Tips & Relationship Guide – Love Calculator


We would never advocate for having an Android app dictate your relationship because that's what overly protective parents and meddling friends are for. However, if you're interested in quickly getting some generic or even specific advice and don't feel like sharing details about your private life with anyone, Love Tips & Relationship Guide – Love Calculator can deliver some surprisingly useful tips. While many of them seem like common sense, the app could still offer plenty of help to younger and inexperienced people, as well as those who don't have great instincts when it comes to romance. As for its "Love Calculator" component, it's only included for entertainment.

Love Stickers


Nothing says "I'm thinking about you" like a photo of a golden retriever with a bowtie featuring that very same caption, and the Love Stickers app has a nearly countless collection of such heart-melting imagery. Better yet, it offers integration with every popular messaging app out there, so if you're looking for a quick method to add some extra oomph to your romantic messages, it's an app that's certainly worth a try.

Love Test


Here's another Android app to add to the list of those that technically revolve around relationships but are solely meant to offer entertainment value. While it's comprehensive and good for a quick laugh with your other half, we would strongly advise against professing your love or breaking up with someone over whatever percentage the Love Test app displays after deliberating about your answers for a moment. Even if its core concept is reminiscent of the great Facebook quiz craze of 2010, Love Test is a surprisingly polished product that can help you have a bit of fun while also providing some food for thought with its questions, even if the scores it delivers based on your input are entirely arbitrary.

Kindu – Romantic Ideas


Kindu's Google Play Store rating went down in recent times due to some compatibility issues with certain Android smartphones and tablets but the core service it provides is still excellent and more than worth a look. Regardless of whether you're looking to impress your crush on the first date, make the upcoming Valentine's Day extra special, or add a breath of fresh air to your marriage, Kindu – Romantic Ideas will deliver on all of those fronts, and then some.

All About Us

Similar to The Couple (Days in Love), All About Us is a relationship management app but one specifically aimed at people who are really willing to put in the extra effort and keep tracking of everything important going on in their romantic lives. As such, it's essentially a digital diary, albeit one that you can easily share with your partner and also use as a map-based library of photos from all those romantic trips you've taken together and are planning to take in the future. Send Flowers

The name of this app essentially says it all and while it's true that you could always order some flowers for your better half through Amazon or a similar non-specialized business, 1800Flowers has the advantage of having years of experience in the field, as well as boasting a massive physical presence as it's currently operating in nearly 200 countries. Better yet, you can use the same app to send birthday and wedding flowers, as well as bouquets for many other special occasions, making this much more than just a sorry-I-forgot-our-anniversary app.

How To Propose A Girl

You may have already devised a convoluted and highly personalized plan for proposing your significant other but just in case you're not as romantically gifted as a John Cusack, Ryan Gosling, or Jack Nicholson-esque type from a generic Hollywood flick, you may need some help getting started with your preparations, which is where How To Propose A Girl comes into play. Perhaps surprisingly, this Android app also offers some good general advice for such special occasions that can also be applied to scenarios in which traditional relationship roles and expectations don't apply.