Best Amazon Alexa-Enabled Smart Speakers - February 2018

It's hard to believe, but Alexa has been around for nearly four years now. Amazon first debuted it in 2014 on the original Echo, which was initially available as invite-only for Prime customers, and then expanded in 2015. In 2017, the company allowed for third-party Alexa speakers, and then Alexa compatibility really exploded. There are a ton of different options for Alexa speakers right now, but the main question that everyone has is, which is the best Alexa speaker to get? Well we have rounded up ten of the best Alexa speakers available right now, including some from Amazon, Sonos, Ultimate Ears and many more.

The Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST is a good option for those that want to take Alexa on the go with them, or not worry about charging it. It's a portable speaker, that can last around 15 hours on a single charge. But it is not always listening, like the Amazon Tap, you'll need to tap the speaker to start talking to Alexa. That's unfortunate, but it's one of the corners companies need to cut when it comes to making a portable speaker that can last a reasonable amount of time on a battery. There's also the Ultimate Ears BLAST, which is slightly smaller but still offers some great audio.

One of our favorite options for an Alexa-powered Speaker is the Sonos One. It's a great sounding speaker that has Alexa, but the main reason why it's one of our favorites is because Sonos isn't sticking with just Alexa. It'll be adding Google Assistant at some point in 2018 (and for Apple users, AirPlay 2 is coming as well). Of course, with it being a Sonos speaker, you get some incredible sounding audio, with music streaming over WiFi instead of Bluetooth. These are just a couple of the many Alexa speakers that are listed below. You really can't go wrong with any of the options below. But if you are looking to pick up and Alexa speaker to use Alexa for controlling your smart home, the Echo Plus is going to be the best option, since it has a hub built-in, making it much easier to connect products.

Sonos One

The Sonos One is heralded as one of the best sounding Alexa-enabled speakers out there. That shouldn't be a surprise given how good the audio is from Sonos speakers anyways. The Sonos One has Alexa built-in, and it works just like an Echo. So you can ask Alexa to do different things, including playing music, controlling your smart home products and much more.

Amazon Echo (Second-Generation)

This is the second-generation Amazon Echo, which is a bit smaller, but provides even better audio. It also has better smart home control, so it's a great upgrade over the original. Amazon is also selling this Echo in a variety of colors and fabrics on the outside of the Echo. Which gives it a rather unique look.

Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST Portable Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Speaker

The MEGABLAST from Ultimate Ears is perhaps the best portable Alexa-enabled speaker. And that's because it has some insane volume and audio quality here. The Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST can do just about everything that a regular Echo can do, and it can be taken with you. The battery will last around 15 hours or so on a charge. That all depends on how you use it, of course.

Eufy Genie Smart Speaker

The Eufy Genie is made by Anker, and it's a smaller and cheaper Echo Dot. The audio from it isn't that great, but any speaker this size won't provide you with great audio anyways. This is more for putting Alexa into every room in your home, and the Eufy Genie can do that just fine. There's no Bluetooth here, so you can only stream over WiFi, and can't connect another speaker to it.

Amazon Echo Plus

The Echo Plus is likely the best option if you do have smart home products at home. This has a built-in hub. So instead of needing to buy the Philips Hue Bridge to use its lights, you can just connect them to the Echo Plus and you're all set. In fact, the Echo Plus can automatically detect new products and go through the setup process for you. And the Echo Plus even comes with a set of Philips Hue light bulbs.

Harman Kardon Allure

Now if you're looking for a really cool looking speaker, Harman Kardon has you covered with the Allure. This one does have Alexa built-in, and it's a rather big speaker. But that means that it's going to output a ton of sound. Since it's a Harman Kardon speaker, you can expect that signature Harman Kardon sound here.

Libratone ZIPP Portable WiFi + Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Libratone is not the most popular speaker manufacturer here, but it has a great looking, portable speaker as well. This does have Amazon Alexa support, so you can literally take Alexa with you on the go and use it for different things. Libratone says you'll get some insane audio out of this small speaker as well.

Amazon Echo Dot

The Amazon Echo Dot is a great Alexa speaker to pick up and put throughout your home so that you have Alexa everywhere. It's a really small, hockey puck-like speaker from Amazon. Audio isn't that great on this one, but this is more for bringing Alexa into every room. It does have Bluetooth as well as an AUX port for connecting an external speaker to it for better sound.

808 Audio XL-V Smart Speaker

808 Audio is another company that is pretty popular for having some great audio, and it has released the XL-V Alexa Smart Speaker as well. This one looks very similar to the Echo, but definitely has much better audio quality, which is always a good thing these days.

Zolo Halo

Anker's audio brand, Zolo, has also made a new Alexa Speaker. This one is a bit more than an Echo Dot, but it is much better. It has a big microphone on the front that turns red when you have it turned off. Making it easy to see when the microphone is off. It does stream all of the same audio services as an Echo, though it's not quite as good sounding as an Echo, it's still close.

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