AT&T Wi-Fi Hubs Added To UROS Goodspeed Roaming App – MWC 2018


Connectivity company UROS took to Mobile World Congress 2018 to announce that it had struck a deal with US carrier AT&T to bring the carrier's global Wi-Fi Hub network into the Goodspeed Roaming app's available network loadout. The Goodspeed Roaming app connects international travelers with high-speed Wi-Fi with transparent pricing that can be cheaper than paying roaming fees through most carriers, and with the signing of this deal, Goodspeed Roaming customers will now be able to use the service in 140 countries around the world. Adding in AT&T Wi-Fi Hubs brings the total number of hotspots up to well over 12 million. Customers who have the app and a compatible device can enjoy service anywhere an AT&T Wi-Fi Hub customer would have service, and since it's directly through the Goodspeed Roaming app, the same pricing and terms are maintained, so the only thing that will change for customers is wider coverage and more available hotspots.

Goodspeed Roaming is separate from the Goodspeed Hotspot service, which requires buying a separate device and can be purchased daily or monthly. In all covered countries, the rate is $4.99 for a 24-hour pass that will get you enough mobile data for a day of medium usage. The app is only compatible with select devices for the time being, and sideloading the APK file will not necessarily get you service. Right now, the easiest way to get the Goodspeed Mobile app is to buy a specially pre-loaded ZTE Blade V8 Lite that UROS sells on the Goodspeed website. The mid-range device was released at last year's Mobile World Congress, and will only cost you €144.35 ($177) from the Goodspeed website. It's not an award-winning flagship device by any means, but it's a serviceable spare to take beyond your home country's borders.

UROS-made Goodspeed Roaming solution boasts a large number of compatible countries and wide coverage, on top of flat, transparent, and economical pricing. While the major US carriers all offer some sort of international roaming deals for their customers, Goodspeed Roaming can be a good solution for those who aren't customers of those major carriers, or who don't want to risk taking their daily driver out of the country.

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