Source: AT&T Galaxy S9 To Cost Around $750, Release Late March

Samsung Galaxy S9

A rumor suggests that the Samsung Galaxy S9 from AT&T will cost around $750 USD through the carrier at full retail and that it will launch sometime in late March. The information comes from an unnamed source familiar with the details who has mentioned to AndroidHeadlines that this is close to or could be the expected pricing, which is quite a bit less than what previous rumors have been suggesting for the cost of Samsung’s new phone. The same source also suggests that the Galaxy S9 Plus will cost around $850 USD through the carrier, and that both phones are expected to launch on or around March 23 or a week before, with stock of the phones being available in retail stores around the same time. Keeping this pricing information in mind, if the prices and the launch date are correct then other U.S. carriers will likely offer the phones around the same date and for around the same cost.

While it isn’t known if these prices are official and the exact prices that AT&T will be charging, they do seem to be quite a bit closer to what retailers would be charging for a high-end flagship, and they’re a lot closer to the official prices for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus that were launched in 2017. That said, prices are likely to vary based on the amount of internal storage and these prices are more than like the cost for the base model, which is probably going to come with 64GB of storage, 4GB of RAM for the Galaxy S9 and 6GB of RAM for the Galaxy S9 Plus.

No specs details were provided along with the pricing and launch information, but there were some details about the device that could shed some light on what to expect from the phones in terms of performance and camera quality. According to the rumor the Galaxy S9 Plus scores around 4300 on the 3DMark benchmark test, compared to a 3700 score for the Galaxy S8 Plus. For those who value audio the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus should offer some better-quality surround sound-style audio, with the earpiece acting as a secondary speaker. Both phones are also said to come with Dolby Atmos support, which matches up with a previous rumor about the two new phones coming with “improved audio” this year where Dolby Atmos was also mentioned.


Though Samsung should have four different colors for each device, AT&T may end up getting the Lilac Purple and the Midnight Black models only, at least initially, according to the rumor. Something to keep in mind though is that most carriers, including AT&T, sold all the available colors of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, so it’s entirely possible that the same thing will happen this time around. Samsung is said to be improving Bixby’s translate feature with these new phones too, with it being able to translate some languages live, similar to the way you can do so with Google Translate’s live translate feature. Since this is part of Bixby, it’s likely to make its way into other Samsung devices which also have Bixby at some point. Worth mentioning, is that Bixby Vision already offers a translate feature, shown in the video below, but Bixby Translate on the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus was said to be immediate, with no tapping around required by the user, and that you will be able to simply point the camera at the text to be translated and it would complete the task. Samsung is scheduled to officially announce the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus on February 25, where the company should release information on specs and features.