Archos Launches Android Scooter With Handlebar Display

Archos has launched an Android-powered scooter with a handlebar-mounted display that's integrated right into the bar, providing easy touch access to apps and other features like directions and navigation through Google Maps, music, and more. Archos is calling this scooter the Citee Connect, and it will launch this Summer in Europe for €499, though Archos doesn't specify where exactly in Europe it will actually retail. That said, the scooters are assembled in France and Archos also built the prototype there so it's quite likely that France will be one of the countries to have access to it if not the only country initially.

The Archos Citee Connect features a 5-inch display to interact with, and while it might seem dangerous for the screen to have it mounted where it's more prone to damage from drops, dings, or rain, it was designed to withstand shock and bad weather which means it should do perfectly fine, freeing up users from worry that it might break if it gets a little bit wet or banged up. Archos says the screen is HD but it doesn't mention the resolution, furthermore it doesn't mention many of the specs at all so while there is a quad-core CPU on board to power that device it doesn't state what CPU it is.

Along with the display the Citee Connect comes with 3G capability so it can stay linked up to the internet, it has 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage that is presumably not expandable. This means you won't be able to use it for a ton of apps and due to the low RAM it's not really going to be fit for gaming or multitasking, though considering it's built-in nature you likely wouldn't want to use it for games anyway. Perhaps surprisingly the display is running on Android 8.0 Oreo, and it looks like there is a touch panel for the navigation and control to the different functions positioned just below the actual display portion of the device. Beyond the display functions the Citee Connect scooter boasts a nice little security feature where the user can lock up the reel on the back tire so the scooter can't actually be ridden. The idea is to allow the owner to feel comfortable parking the scooter wherever they need to without worrying it will be stolen, and should they want to share the scooter, they can do so through a companion app that can be installed on other smartphones. Archos doesn't mention any availability outside of Europe, so it may not launch in the U.S.

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