Amazon Acquired Blink's Camera Tech For $90 Million

Amazon reportedly acquired Blink's camera technology for $90 Million when it made the purchase in 2017, a move which Amazon is said to have made so it can potentially use the technology to make its devices more energy efficient. Blink, which offers wireless home security cameras, has boasted about the longevity of its devices and how they can last for up to two years on a single pair of AA lithium batteries. This sort of long-lasting battery life would be beneficial to Amazon, as it could use the technology to incorporate it into its own devices like the line of Echo speakers as well as the Amazon Cloud Cam, which need to be plugged in to stay powered on.

That said there is no confirmation from Amazon on the matter. The company has yet to formally announce any reasoning for purchasing Blink's camera tech or what it plans to do with it now and in the future, though it does certainly have some plans in mind or it wouldn't have made the purchase in the first place. As part of Blink's announcement in December of 2017 the company stated that nothing would be changing for the time being for current customers of Blink which already had Blink's cameras set up in their homes or elsewhere, and that still holds true as Blink's products are still offered under the Blink name while being operated under Amazon.

There is always the chance that Amazon could choose to roll Blink into its own Cloud Cam offering at some point in the future, but for now there doesn't appear to be any indication of such a change. What seems the most likely is that Amazon could want to use Blink's tech in some way to improve its own offerings but without changing things for Blink. It's also possible that it could use Blink's camera tech in other ways, such as incorporating it in future products which may have cameras. $90 Million is no small sum, even for Amazon, so it's highly likely that whatever its plans are for Blink they will play an important role in some way, shape, or form.

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