World's First Chrome OS Tablet Spotted At Bett Show 2018

Acer Chrome OS Tablet liliputing bett 2018

The world’s first tablet running Chrome OS was just spotted at an education show in London and it should soon become official. The Chrome OS tablet comes from Acer and made an appearance at the Bett Show 2018 where companies showcase various technologies designed for educational purposes. Acer has only announced two Chromebooks and a Chromebox for now, but the Chrome OS tablet seen above is said to be real as a Bett Show attendee spotted it at the event. Their tweet containing the original image has since been removed, perhaps because Acer might have asked the attendee to take it down until it makes things official. As of Friday morning EST, no announcements of Chrome OS-powered tablets has been made by the company.

Without any formal announcement, it remains unclear what the device will be called, what specs it will have, or whether it will be solely meant for education or available to the general public as well. So far, there have been Chromebook laptops and even convertibles that allow users to work in tablet mode, but a real, standalone Chrome OS tablet has never been commercially available. Since Acer is showing off the Chrome OS tablet at the Bett Show 2018 this week, the company might soon be ready to offer more information about its upcoming product.

The photo posted by the Bett Show attendee shows the tablet in a portrait mode, with a screen size that seems to be between 8 and 10 inches, and a 4:3 aspect ratio. A front camera is located in the middle of its top bezel, while the Acer logo is centered on the bottom bezel. The user interface clearly shows that the device runs Chrome OS, but it should also be able to launch Android apps. According to recent reports, the tablet may be the result of the project “Scarlet” Acer has been working on for several years now, and it might also come with a stylus from Staedtler. The Chrome OS build in the emerged photo also shows a menu with additional pen tools, further suggesting that the tablet will ship with some kind of a stylus.