World of Warships For Android Goes Global & Cross Platform


Wargaming Group has now released its acclaimed mobile MMO naval action game, World of Warships Blitz available globally and cross-platform play has been thrown in for good measure. For those who may not already know, this Android title is based on a similar PC game called World of Warships. As within that version of the game, players take control of World War 2 Navel ships and go head-to-head in intense 7-versus-7 battles. Plus, the new inclusion of cross-play means players from both Android and iOS will finally be able to play together. That should help minimize the length of time players from either platform have to wait to get the war going.

With regard to what players can expect from the game, the control mechanisms should be fairly familiar to anybody who has played other titles from the developer – such as World of Tanks Blitz. However, the touchscreen controls should be relatively straightforward enough for just about anybody to pick up and play with a relatively small learning curve. There is also a career mode, for players who want to brush up on their skills without any added pressure. As to the gameplay itself, players take their pick from a number of different ships from the era, including Battleships, Cruisers, Destroyers, and Aircraft carriers – with a variety of ship models of each to choose from. Each of the various ships offers unique ways to play and players will need to learn their vessel's strengths and weaknesses, coordinate ship repairs, launch attacks, and mount defenses in order to win the day. Perhaps best of all, there are no timers or any other similarly limiting restrictions holding players back from getting in on the action.

So, players can get into a sea battle whenever they like without waiting for any kind of meter to refill or finish a countdown. In-app purchases can be made to accelerate a player's progress or purchase new ships, but that shouldn't make the game impossible or unenjoyable for players who don't want to spend any money. In addition to launching globally and the newly added cross-platform play, there have also been a couple of other updates made to World of Warships Blitz. First, Wargaming Group has conducted some in-game balancing, with changes applied to several of the game's ship models. Tied in with that balancing, the silver rewards granted to players for completing career missions have been increased.


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