Twitter Is Allegedly Working On A Video & Photo Sharing Tool


Twitter is reportedly working on a new photo and video sharing tool meant to reduce the steps required for a user to share that kind of content on its social network. That's according to people who claim to have seen the new product, the source says, who claim that it bears some similarity to Snapchat's video sharing tools. Unfortunately, the new tools have not been announced or even hinted at by Twitter and the company has not yet commented on the rumors. What's more, the individuals claiming to have seen the new tool also claim that it is not anywhere near consumer-ready and that there is no planned timeframe for release. So, although the ideas being reported are interesting, it may be best to take the news with a grain of salt for the time being.

As to the tool itself, Twitter is said to have a working demonstration of its as-yet-unnamed product. Unlike the current method for sharing videos or photos, the new tool will only require a couple of steps. There aren't any details available describing what those steps are, but it would be difficult to imagine a less streamlined approach than how sharing those forms of media currently work. As the system stands, users must first open Twitter, click to start a new tweet, click the camera button, shoot or select a video or image, and then click again to send it out. If it works closer to how Snapchat does, things could get much easier. In Snapchat, the application opens directly to a camera program and, if users would rather explore than post a new Snap immediately, they simply swipe or tap a single piece of U.I. in order to navigate between that camera and the content from their respective feed. Bearing that difference in mind, Twitter could go several directions with its own tool. It could choose to emulate that type of interface to replace the Twitter app interface, with users starting at a video or photo post tool. However, it could also simply incorporate a better composition layout, allowing users to click a camera icon to start composing a picture, to begin with – or it could make any number of other unforeseen changes. Failing that, Twitter could choose to create an entirely separate, dedicated camera application for quickly sharing content to its social network.

Without further details from the company itself, it's really impossible to say whether or not the rumor is true or where Twitter might go with its tool. Whatever the case turns out to be, it makes sense that Twitter would move to make its interface and user interactions more intuitive. The number of social networks and associated applications available to users continues to grow. So, Twitter needs to improve if it hopes to draw in new users while still encouraging previous users to remain and post more frequently. As of this writing, more recent improvements to the general interface seem to have helped Twitter's numbers, so streamlining the photo and video sharing aspects of the site are a logical next step.

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