TrueConf Outs 4K Video Call Service For NVIDIA SHIELD TV


TrueConf, a provider of video conferencing and collaboration solutions, has unveiled a new service allowing for 4K video calls on smart TVs for NVIDIA SHIELD TV users. The new solution lets you make video conference calls on your Android-based smart TV, courtesy of the processing capabilities provided by the NVIDIA-made Tegra X1 processor. The process of bringing 4K to your smart TV is also quick and easy, only requiring you to connect your NVIDIA SHIELD TV to a USB camera, provided the console is already plugged into a television set.

The NVIDIA NVENC technology is powering TrueConf’s feature for smart TVs, transmitting video at 2160p and 30 frames per second, and processing incoming and outgoing streams with the use of the H.264 codec. In essence, this means you will be able to call your friends or colleagues in high-definition video on your smart TV screen so long as your Internet connection is fast enough. You will also be able to chat with family members, for example, or share files, courtesy of the collaboration solutions from TrueConf. The company noted that the addition of NVIDIA technologies to TrueConf marks an important development in its effort to expand the capabilities of mobile applications with new features that were previously only available on desktop PCs.

More importantly, TrueConf’s move to launch a new 4K video conferencing service for smart TVs grows the selection of such solutions for consumers, even if only among owners of NVIDIA‘s Android TV-powered device. The claims its offering can turn any living room into a “meeting space” for any purpose, though it’s unlikely that the service will be particularly popular among enterprise users. Regardless, a straightforward and reliable video calling solution that delivers high-quality footage and integrates into one of the most popular Android TV devices on the market may be capable of succeeding even if people almost exclusively use it to chat with their families and friends in a casual manner. The service will be demonstrated in early February at Amsterdam-based Integrated Systems Europe event before launching on a global level. No specific availability date has yet been provided by the software company.