Thrive Global & Samsung Join To Help Galaxy Users Disconnect


Thrive Global and Samsung have teamed up to introduce a brand new app called THRIVE, which may help users to better balance out the amount of time they spend interacting with technology. In fact, the app is already available for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on the Galaxy Apps store via the button below. It's also going to be coming to further Galaxy-branded devices soon. To be clear, there are plenty of ways to manage that on most smartphones already. Most Android handsets already include a do-not-disturb mode and there are apps on the market that attempt to do what THRIVE claims to do. However, this new app wants to approach things differently.

THRIVE sets itself apart by acting as a planner, coach, and more general guide to help users focus on what matters most to them, in addition to providing a quick way to configure their device for fewer interruptions. It doesn't just give users a button to press to turn off all alarms, alerts, and notifications. That, of course, doesn't mean it doesn't incorporate those types of tools into its system. Users can switch over to Thrive Mode, set a timer for their desired time ad completely shut off their notifications. They can also set specific contacts to be able to get through so they don't miss urgent items or emergencies. Thrive takes things further by offering users with advice about when might be a good time to disconnect, as well as helping to set goals for the amount of time they'd like to stay disconnected or how they'd like to limit the use of specific apps. Beyond even that, the application lets users set an autoreply so that nobody gets too worried or upset that their messages or calls aren't being answered. The autoreply feature will also let those contacts know how much longer the user will be in Thrive Mode so that more important matters can be dealt with when the user gets back online.

Taken in combination, that's a relatively robust set of features for a do-not-disturb tool – surpassing even some of the more unique features that are currently available. Unfortunately, as of this writing, it appears as though only Samsung users are going to have access to it. Moreover, as stated above, it only currently works for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 owners and there is no solid date set for when it will be made available to other Galaxy-branded device users.


Get THRIVE On Samsung Galaxy Apps

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