Three New Samsung C-Lab Projects Coming To CES 2018


Samsung Electronics officially announced its presence at CES 2018 next week where three new projects sprung out of its C-Lab (Creative Lab) program will be demoed on the show floor. These include a portable directional speaker called S-Ray (Sound-Ray), GoBreath, a recovery solution for people who suffer from postoperative pulmonary complications, and a pair of smart eyeglasses called Relúmĭno designed to help visually challenged people see clearer images. Additionally, seven C-Lab startups will attend CES 2018 and showcase their latest commercial products while exploring new business opportunities.

C-Lab was created by Samsung at the end of 2012 as an in-house program designed to encourage innovative ideas from its employees and promotive a creative corporate culture. Over the years, numerous in-house projects have been spun off from C-Lab and the new trio is just the latest set of solutions to have its public debut. S-Ray is a set of portable directional speakers that aim to offer the privacy of earphones without compromising comfort. Its functionality has been recently showcased on Samsung's YouTube channel where the product was presented in three different form factors, namely the Mini which can be clipped on a piece of clothing, Handy which retains portability while seemingly offering extra performance, and the Neck Band which can be worn as a collar. GoBreath is the second C-Labs concept which will be showcased at CES 2018 next week. The concept was developed by a doctor at the Samsung Medical Center and was designed to help people who have experienced lung damage and suffer from postoperative pulmonary complications to recover faster. Generally speaking, these patients commonly need to exercise deep breathing and GoBreath aims to guide patients through basic breathing techniques including inspiration and coughing. The concept revolves around a portable device and a mobile application that include all the necessary exercise guidelines, and the product is designed to offer cloud services allowing doctors to monitor their patients remotely and even provide practice reminders.

Lastly, Samsung's C-Lab division seems to have taken the Relúmĭno mobile application showcased at Mobile World Congress 2017 a step further by pairing the app with actual visual aid eyeglasses. According to Samsung, the Relúmĭno glasses rely entirely on a connected smartphone's processing power and battery, thus providing a light and comfortable dedicated hardware solution for the existing software. The Relúmĭno app was initially launched last year for Samsung's Gear VR platform, and its purpose is to process images captured by a smartphone's camera in order to make them clearer for the visually challenged. Text can be zoomed in and showcased in a higher contrast, colors can be filtered out, and edges can be highlighted further to combat blurriness. Aside from these three new C-Lab projects, seven associated startups including LINKFLOW, lululab, Kitten Planet, KIDSOFT, Mangoslab, Innomdle lab, and Analogue Plus will showcase their latest commercial products next week at CES 2018.


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