TeamViewer IoT Is The Company's New Remote Access Solution

TeamViewer IoT is the company's new remote access solution for IoT devices around the globe, allowing businesses, including TeamViewer itself, to log in and gain control of IoT devices like smart home products from anywhere so long as the new solution itself is available and an internet connection is there to allow users to remotely log in. TeamViewer IoT will be available for tech enthusiasts, so if you're someone who happens to have a bunch of IoT devices set up around the home or elsewhere, and you want the ability to remote in and control them when you're away from those locations, this will let you do that.

That said, TeamViewer IoT is aimed at other groups as well, such as third-party resellers and the manufacturers who actually make the IoT products that people are buying. For example, if you have a Nest Smart Home Thermostat that isn't operating like it should, this solution would let members from a Nest support team remote in and take control of the thermostat to see if they could figure out what was wrong with it and fix the solution from their end if possible, which makes this solution a useful tool to have on hand as it could prevent customers from having to send devices in for repair when it wasn't really needed.

In addition to opening up the ability to remote in to smart IoT devices, this new solution from TeamViewer also has a secure core foundation, as it was designed with two-factor authentication, which means whenever anyone tries to log in it will end up asking for a second method of authenticating that login, just like with Google accounts and other services. Two-factor authentication is not the only security measure that was implemented either, as TeamViewer IoT was also designed with integrated end-to-end encryption to help keep things as secure as possible. TeamViewer states that the new solution is compatible with Raspbian, which is a Raspberry Pi-based platform, though more platform support will be added in the future, and it will be "easily portable" to other Linux-based distrobutions for those who don't use Raspbian. The new solution is already available for those who want to give it a try.

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