T-Mobile To Be 100% Green By 2021, Use Only Renewable Energy

T Mobile Logo AH 7

T-Mobile wants to be completely “green” and has just announced plans to boost its renewable energy efforts to fuel 100 percent of its power needs by 2021. A number of companies including Google, Apple, Facebook, and others have gradually made efforts to become more environment-friendly and use green energy for their power needs. T-Mobile had already launched a Red Forks Wind Power Project last December in Oklahoma, and now it’s planning to launch a second wind farm to increase its green energy capacity. Today, the firm revealed it signed a 160MW deal for a new wind farm which will be located in Kansas. Combined, the company’s two wind projects will generate 320MW of energy, which will account for roughly 60 percent of its nationwide energy consumption. At this rate, the company’s goal of being entirely reliant on renewable energy by 2021 seems feasible.

At the same time, T-Mobile is now also part of RE100, a global initiative committed to driving the adoption of renewable energy. Over 100 companies are involved in this initiative founded by The Climate Group and CDP, and more are expected to join. T-Mobile plans to purchase more wind power each year until it can fully support its electricity needs, accounting for every bit of electricity through renewable energy. The carrier will give RE100 annual electricity data reports, and RE100 will report on T-Mobile’s progress and guide it in the right direction until it becomes 100 percent green.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere claims the company always aims to do the right thing and going green is a natural part of its vision, but moving in this direction also makes sense from a business point of view. The CEO explained that this move should help T-Mobile cut roughly $100 million off its energy costs in the next 15 years. The company could instead use that money to improve its offers and services and bring more benefits to its customers, according to the CEO. T-Mobile’s new Solomon Forks Wind Project from Infinity Renewables in Texas will start generating green power early next year. The company says that it plans to continue buying renewable energy (sources) only from companies that exist due to its involvement, i.e. wireless services.