T-Mobile Customers Used The Most Mobile Data In December 2017

A recent survey conducted by research firm Strategy Analytics shows that T-Mobile subscribers consumed the largest amount of mobile data. The survey looked into the data consumption patterns of customers of the four major carriers in the United States, finding that AT&T's subscribers used a considerably smaller amount of data compared to the customers of the other three major carriers. AT&T customers consumed 2.3GB of mobile data and 11.4GB of data on Wi-Fi networks last month, the survey found. T-Mobile customers, on the other hand, have been identified as the most active such users, having consumed an average of 5.2GB of data in December. Meanwhile, Verizon subscribers are recognized as the largest consumers of Wi-Fi data, having downloaded around 14.3GB of over Wi-Fi in the same period.

The survey also highlighted the differences in the amount of data consumed by people with different types of data plans, suggesting that people who either have a pay-as-you-go plan or lack any plan subscription consume the least amount of data per month, whether they are connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular network. In fact, this group only consumed an average of 903MB of mobile data last month. Meanwhile, customers who are currently subscribed to a plan with monthly data allocation consumed around 14GB of data while on Wi-Fi in December, which is the highest among the three subscriber groups. Users with unlimited plans used 5GB of mobile data last month, which is almost twice the amount of data consumed by people subscribed to plans with monthly allocations.

The data used for the study was obtained from the AppOptix service of Strategy Analytics. The survey encompassed 4,000 American consumers who own Android handsets. The participants informed the firm when they made changes to their data plans or when they purchased a new device. Similar studies have been conducted by the company in the last few years, with one of them being released last year detailing not only the differences in data used by subscribers in the United States but also providing the breakdown of their mobile activities. T-Mobile is likely to tout the new findings as part of its efforts to promote its unlimited offerings.

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