Supposed Samsung Galaxy S9 Dummy Unit Shown On Video

Samsung Galaxy S9 Dummy

An alleged Samsung Galaxy S9 dummy unit was recently captured leaked on video, depicting a familiar design that falls in line with most previous leaks, complete with a single main camera on the back panel. Dummy units are generally used in stores as cheap placeholders for the real thing and are manufactured based on accurate dimensions and specifications of the products they’re meant to mimic. They’re made to look as close to the real product as possible but lack any sort of internal components. Having said that, the video at hand might offer a preview of how the Samsung Galaxy S9 might actually look like, though it needs to be stressed that the OEM’s upcoming flagship has already been subjected to cloning so there is a chance that this may be one of those units as opposed to a “real” dummy. After all, recent reports suggest that Samsung is by far the most cloned smartphone brand in the world.

The video seen below was originally posted on China’s social media network Weibo, showing a device that seems relatively thick, which could indicate that this may be a clone based on what everyone expects the upcoming flagship to look like. Then again the quality of the video is fairly low and there’s no way to determine the unit’s exact dimensions. Assuming that this device is a dummy reflecting the final design of the actual Samsung Galaxy S9, then the video lends more weight to the idea that the device will employ a “reimagined” main camera. Previous leaks and reports suggested that the dual-camera configuration will be reserved for the larger Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, which is expected to be unveiled and released alongside its smaller sibling. Other details seen in the video include a glass back panel, a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor fitted right below the camera module, and what may be a laser autofocus sensor paired with an LED flash.

Regardless of whether the video at hand shows a dummy unit or a clone, the Samsung Galaxy S9 series has been confirmed by the Korean OEM as coming to the Mobile World Congress 2018 on February 25th, so its actual design and specifications will be uncovered fairly soon. As usual, the new series is expected to make use of two different chipsets, with the US market and China being planned to receive units powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, while the international models are likely to employ an in-house Exynos 9810 SoC.